Restaurant Stock control software

What is NFS Stock Restaurant Stock Control Software?

NFS Stock is our enterprise level stock, cash, labour and purchasing solution for restaurant operators. It offers all the features required to control your variable costs, and is very easy to deploy as it is accessible through the internet so you can be up and running within days. It is highly configurable and you only need purchase the modules you require.

NFS Stock restaurant stock control software offers you detailed live data whenever you need it and wherever you are thus enabling you to keep on top of all your various cost centres and to make intelligent purchasing decisions. In addition, it replaces intensive manual activities such as creating staff rotas and can completely automate your supply chain.

NFS Stock restaurant stock control software will deliver:

  • Live intelligent data enabling you to see the variance between expected and real stock usage so you can minimise waste
  • Automatic ordering so you never run out of stock and never miss a sales opportunity
  • Improved staff clocking in/out and rostering to keep track of staff costs and ensure you allocate staff at the optimum level
  • Stock Control
  • Full visibility of your cash right from initial payment to when it is deposited in the bank
  • An automated purchasing solution fully integrated with your suppliers whilst also ensuring that no over ordering takes place.

All of this information is available on a 24/7 basis using the personalised online stock management system dashboard. All of this information is fully live so you are always in full control as you always have an accurate view of the business.