What’s the best EPoS to help your restaurant beat rising operations costs?

A recent survey of performance in the pub and restaurant market found that operating costs now stand at over 50% of turnover. That’s the highest it’s been since the report, by ALMR Christie and Co, began in 2007. And while the survey also found widespread confidence in the sector, in these uncertain times it has to make

5 surprising meeting venue technology insights over breakfast

It was definitely one of our best events to date – but if you weren’t able to join us at our recent meeting venue technology breakfast briefing there’s no reason why you should miss out. Guests at our briefing with Londonlaunch gained a real insight into the huge difference this amazing technology – such as our leading

The 15 crucial questions you need to ask your room and resource management software vendor

You’ve made the wise decision to invest in room and resource management software because of all the benefits it can bring – and now all you need to do is find the right technology and the right vendor. First, though, be sure about what you, your business and your staff will gain from your new

Is your meeting worth the money? These 9 tips make sure it is

“Meetings are indispensible when you don’t want to do anything.” Ouch – but who can deny that these words of wisdom from a celebrated American economist sometimes ring true? Every day, millions of meetings are held around the world – around 11m in the US alone, according to the recently published Bytesized Guide to Resource

Come on in: 6 ways technology helps venues make money out of meetings

Not too long ago, there were rumours going round the business world that meetings were as dead as the dinosaurs. Thanks to the rise of the internet, it was said that no-one would need to get together any more. But of course, that prediction turned out to be far from the truth – and for

Joining the tapas revolution – how small plates + technology = casual dining success

Exactly when did dinner start coming on small plates? No more than a few years ago – but it’s revolutionising the way people dine today. Tapas, of course, has been popular in Spain for centuries, thanks to the way they allow groups to share a tasty variety of small dishes. It’s a sociable and informal

Times are challenging – but the right technology can help restaurants stay in control

Prices in the foodservices industry showed an alarming 3.7% rise in February alone, according to recent figures – and further significant increases are likely to follow. Labour costs are also expected to rise – so what can restaurants do to manage their operations better in these tricky times? Having the right technology to improve control

Do your young office workers need a spring clean?

They’re demanding and disloyal; they hop from job to job – and they like an afternoon nap. That’s what they say about millennial office workers anyway, and there is some evidence to support it. For instance, a recent survey found that only around 44% of them would admit feeling loyalty to their company, compared with

Isn’t it time about time you spring cleaned your hotel business?

It’s been a long hard Winter, chilled by Brexit and its potential impact – but the UK hotel industry has just seen the first hopeful green shoots of Spring. The newly-released European Cities Hotel Forecast says London will see the second-highest occupancy rate in Europe in 2017, thanks to the continuing drop in the value

Tackling three hot new trends in casual dining

The restaurant and hotel dining industry certainly has a lot on its plate in 2017 – and while that may be a pun, it’s no joke. Hospitality businesses are now really starting to face up to all the uncertainties of Brexit, including potentially higher wage costs and a scarcity of staff. Then there’s the increasing

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