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Having an efficient reservation system is crucial for both customer satisfaction and operational success.

Today, restaurants are increasingly turning to specialised software to streamline their reservation processes, seating arrangements, and the overall dining experience.

The best restaurant reservation softwares simplify booking management, while offering features like customer relationship management, waitlist management, and integration with other systems.

Whether you’re a small bistro or a large chain, choosing the right software can make a significant difference in your customer service and business efficiency.

What Is the Best Restaurant Reservation System?

The top reservation management systems for restaurants are:

  1. Aloha Table Service
  2. OpenTable
  3. ResDiary
  4. SevenRooms

Aloha Table Service

Best Restaurant Reservation software, Best Restaurant Reservation Software, NFS Technology

NFS Hospitality’s Aloha Table Service platform system is a comprehensive solution designed to enhance restaurant operations, improve customer experiences, and drive business growth. With its advanced features and seamless integration capabilities, Aloha Table Service stands out in the competitive landscape of restaurant management systems.

Key Features

Efficient Order Management

  • Speedy Order Taking: Aloha’s intuitive interface allows servers to quickly take orders and send them directly to the kitchen, reducing wait times and improving service efficiency.
  • Real-Time Updates: The system provides real-time updates on order status, helping staff manage their workflow and ensure timely service.

Customisable Menu Management

  • Flexible Menu Configuration: Easily update menu items, prices, and promotions. The system supports complex menu structures, including modifiers and combos.
  • Digital Menu Boards: Integrate with digital menu boards to provide dynamic displays that can be updated instantly.

Table and Guest Management

  • Table Mapping: Customisable floor plans reflect the actual layout of the restaurant, enabling efficient table assignments and better space utilisation.
  • Guest Profiles: Maintain detailed profiles of guests, including dining preferences and history, to personalise the dining experience and enhance customer loyalty.

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

  • Sales Reports: Generate detailed sales reports to monitor performance, track revenue, and identify trends.
  • Operational Insights: Access reports on staff performance, table turnover, and menu popularity to make informed operational decisions.

Seamless Integration

  • POS Integration: Aloha integrates seamlessly with existing POS systems, ensuring smooth transactions and accurate billing.
  • Third-Party Applications: Connect with various third-party applications, including accounting software, inventory management systems, and marketing tools.

Benefits of Using Aloha Table Service

  1. Enhanced Accuracy and Efficiency
  • The system’s user-friendly interface and real-time updates minimise human error and improve order accuracy. This efficiency translates to faster service, reduced wait times, and increased customer satisfaction.
  1. Actionable Insights and Analytics
  • Aloha provides detailed reports on sales, staff performance, and customer preferences. These insights help restaurant managers make informed decisions, optimise operations, and develop targeted marketing strategies.
  1. Flexible and Scalable
  • Whether you’re running a small cafe or a large dining establishment, Aloha’s flexible configuration options and scalability make it suitable for any restaurant size and service style. The system adapts to your business needs as they evolve.
  1. Superior Customer Service
  • With detailed guest profiles and personalised service options, Aloha enhances the dining experience. Customers feel valued and are more likely to return, boosting customer loyalty and repeat business.


NFS Hospitality offers competitive pricing for the Aloha Table Service system, with packages tailored to meet the specific needs and budget of your restaurant.

Contact NFS Hospitality for a personalised quote.


Aloha Table Service by NFS Hospitality is a comprehensive and versatile restaurant management solution that combines efficient order management, advanced reporting, and seamless integrations into one simple package.

Its robust feature set and user-friendly interface make it an ideal choice for modern restaurants aiming to enhance operations, improve customer service, and drive growth.


Best Restaurant Reservation software, Best Restaurant Reservation Software, NFS Technology

OpenTable is one of the leading reservation management systems out there. It’s expertly designed to streamline the booking process, enhance customer experiences, and optimise restaurant operations.

Key Features

Real-Time Reservations

  • Instant Booking: OpenTable allows diners to easily book real-time online reservations straight from the restaurant website, social media pages, or the OpenTable app. This feature ensures immediate confirmation on online bookings and reduces the risk of overbooking.
  • 24/7 Availability: Customers can make table reservations anytime, providing flexibility and convenience, which can lead to increased bookings.

Comprehensive Table Management

  • Table Assignment: The user friendly reservation system automatically assigns tables based on real-time availability and seating preferences, optimising the use of dining space and minimising the risk of human error.
  • Customisable Floor Plans: The system lets staff manage and create their floor plan to reflect the actual layout, making taking reservations and walk-ins easier.

Guest Management

  • Customer Profiles: OpenTable maintains detailed profiles with in-depth diner insights for each guest, including dining preferences, special requests, and past visits. This helps restaurants to personalise the dining experience.
  • Loyalty Programs: The platform integrates with loyalty programs, enabling restaurants to reward repeat customers, provide special offers, and build long-term relationships.

Automated Communication

  • Confirmation and Reminder Emails: Automated emails confirm reservations and send reminders to guests, reducing no-show rates.
  • Follow-Up Messages: After dining, guests receive follow-up emails encouraging feedback and future visits, enhancing customer engagement and providing opportunities for improvement.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

  • Reservation Trends: OpenTable provides insights into booking patterns, helping restaurants understand their peak times and optimise staffing schedules accordingly.
  • Performance Metrics: Detailed reports on customer preferences, table turnover rates, and revenue help restaurant owners and management make informed, data-driven decisions.

Integration Capabilities

  • POS Systems: OpenTable integrates seamlessly with your POS system, guaranteeing smooth payments and accurate billing.
  • Marketing Tools: The platform connects with various marketing tools to help restaurants promote special events and offers to a wider audience.

Benefits of Using OpenTable Reservation Management

  1. Enhanced Efficiency
  • By automating the reservation process and table management, OpenTable reduces the workload on staff, allowing them to focus more on providing quality customer service.
  1. Improved Customer Experience
  • The ability to personalise dining experiences based on guest profiles and preferences makes customers feel valued and can lead to increased loyalty and repeat business.
  1. Reduced No-Shows
  • Automated reminders and confirmations help reduce no-shows, ensuring better table occupancy and maximising revenue.
  1. Data-Driven Decisions
  • Access to comprehensive analytics allows restaurant managers to make informed decisions about staffing, menu planning, and marketing strategies.


The Core package is £179 / month, while the Pro package is £299 / month.


OpenTable’s Reservation Management is an all in one solution that provides tools designed to enhance restaurant operations, improve customer support, and drive growth.

Its extensive suite of features and integration capabilities make it a powerful tool for modern restaurants aiming to stay competitive in a dynamic industry.


Best Restaurant Reservation software, Best Restaurant Reservation Software, NFS Technology

ResDiary is another excellent option for restaurant owners looking to boost the efficiency of their operations and better support their diners.

With a focus on providing a seamless booking experience for both customers and restaurant staff, ResDiary offers a range of features tailored to the needs of modern dining establishments.

Key Features

Real-Time Reservations

  • Instant Booking: The platform allows customers to make real-time reservations through various channels, including the restaurant’s website, social media, and the ResDiary app. This ensures immediate confirmation and reduces the risk of double bookings.
  • 24/7 Availability: ResDiary supports round-the-clock booking, offering flexibility and convenience for customers to book tables at any time.

Table Management

  • Dynamic Floor Plans: ResDiary allows management to create dynamic, customisable floor plans, reflecting the actual layout of the restaurant. This assists with optimising table allocations and effectively managing walk-ins.
  • Automated Table Assignments: The system intelligently assigns tables based on real-time availability, customer preferences, and booking patterns.

Guest Management

  • Comprehensive Customer Profiles: ResDiary maintains detailed profiles for each guest, including dining preferences, special requests, and visit history for personalising the dining experience.
  • Loyalty and Rewards: The platform supports loyalty programs, allowing restaurants to reward repeat customers and encourage repeat business.

Automated Communication

  • Confirmation and Reminder Notifications: ResDiary sends automated confirmation and reminder emails or SMS to guests to minimise the chance of no-shows.
  • Post-Dining Feedback: After dining, guests receive follow-up messages, providing an opportunity to provide feedback, which helps with improving service quality.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

  • Detailed Reporting: The system provides comprehensive reports on reservation trends, customer behaviour, and operational performance, enabling data-driven decision-making.
  • Performance Metrics: Restaurants can track key performance indicators (KPIs) such as table turnover rates, revenue per seat, and customer satisfaction scores.

Integration Capabilities

  • POS and CRM Systems: ResDiary includes seamless CRM and POS integration, ensuring smooth operations and accurate data management.
  • Marketing Tools: The platform connects with marketing tools to help restaurants promote events, special offers, and engage with their customer base effectively.

Benefits of Using ResDiary

  1. Streamlining Operations
  • Optimised Processes: By automating reservation and table management, ResDiary significantly reduces manual workload.
  • Seating: The dynamic floor plan and automated table assignments ensure optimal use of space and resources, leading to smoother operations.
  1. Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Personalised Experience: Comprehensive customer profiles and automated communications allow for a personalised dining experience, increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Convenience: Easy booking through multiple channels and 24/7 availability enhance the overall customer experience.
  1. Increased Revenue
  • Reduced No-Shows: Automated reminders and confirmations help minimise no-shows, ensuring better table utilisation and maximising potential revenue.
  • Targeted Promotions: Integration with marketing tools allows for effective promotions and special offers, attracting more customers and boosting sales.
  1. Actionable Insights
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Access to detailed analytics helps restaurant managers understand customer preferences, optimise operations, and develop targeted marketing strategies.
  • Performance Tracking: The ability to track key performance indicators enables continuous improvement and strategic planning.


ResDiary’s basic package starts at £69 a month, while additional features are charged individually.


ResDiary’s reservation management system offers a robust set of tools designed to streamline restaurant operations, improve customer satisfaction, and drive business growth.

Its comprehensive features and integration capabilities make it an indispensable asset for restaurants aiming to enhance their efficiency and service quality.


Best Restaurant Reservation software, Best Restaurant Reservation Software, NFS Technology

SevenRooms is a reservation management and guest engagement platform that provides all the tools restaurant owners and staff need to enhance the dining experience and streamline service.

Known for its robust features and intuitive interface, SevenRooms helps restaurants build deeper relationships with their guests.

Key Features

Comprehensive Reservation Management

  • Real-Time Booking: SevenRooms enables real-time booking for immediate confirmation and minimising the risk of double bookings.
  • Waitlist and Walk-In Management: Efficiently manage waitlists and walk-ins with real-time updates and automated notifications to guests.

Guest Profiles and CRM

  • Detailed Guest Profiles: The platform maintains comprehensive guest profiles, including dining preferences, dietary restrictions, visit history, and special occasions. This allows for highly personalised guest service.
  • CRM Integration: SevenRooms seamlessly integrates with CRM systems, providing a unified view of guest interactions across all touchpoints.

Automated Marketing and Communication

  • Automated Campaigns: Create and deploy automated marketing campaigns based on guest data. This includes personalised emails, text messages, and social media outreach.
  • Reservation Reminders: Send automated reservation confirmations, booking reminders, and follow-up messages to guests, reducing no-shows and enhancing the customer experience.

Operational Efficiency

  • Floor Plan Management: Tailor and manage your restaurant’s floor plan digitally, ensuring optimal seating arrangements and efficient table turnover.
  • Shift Management: Streamline shift planning and staff management so that the right number of staff are available to meet demand.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

  • Comprehensive Reporting: Access reports on guest behaviour, reservation trends, and operational performance. This helps with making informed decisions and improving service quality.
  • Performance Metrics: Track key performance indicators (KPIs) such as table turnover rates, revenue per seat, and customer satisfaction scores.

Benefits of Using SevenRooms

  1. Enhanced Guest Experience
  • Personalised Service: Leverage a detailed guest database to provide personalised dining experiences, increasing guest satisfaction and loyalty, while bringing in more diners.
  • Seamless Communication: Automated communication ensures guests are well-informed and engaged.
  1. Increased Revenue
  • Optimised Seating: Efficient table management and floor plan optimisation lead to higher table turnover and revenue generation.
  • Targeted Marketing: Personalised marketing campaigns attract repeat visits and boost sales, driving long-term revenue growth.
  1. Operational Excellence
  • Streamlined Operations: Automating reservation management and staff scheduling reduces manual work and operational inefficiencies.
  1. Improved Customer Insights
  • Comprehensive Data Collection: Collecting and analysing guest data provides valuable insights into customer preferences and behaviours, enabling more effective marketing and service strategies.
  • Performance Tracking: Continuous monitoring of KPIs helps in identifying areas for improvement and implementing strategic changes.


SevenRooms offers three distinct packages whose pricing are tailored based on your restaurant’s specific needs.


SevenRooms’ robust reservation management and guest engagement platform offers a comprehensive set of tools designed to enhance restaurant operations, improve guest satisfaction, and drive business growth.

Its extensive features and seamless integration capabilities make it an invaluable asset for restaurants aiming to deliver exceptional dining experiences.

How to Choose the Right Reservation Software

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Selecting the right reservation software for your restaurant is crucial for a smooth guest experience.

Here’s what you need to think about:

Identify Your Needs

Understanding your specific needs is the first step in choosing the right reservation software. Consider the following aspects:

  • Size of Your Restaurant: The scale of your operation will determine the complexity of the software needed. Larger restaurants might need more advanced features like detailed floor plans and shift management, while smaller venues may benefit from simpler, more straightforward solutions.
  • Volume of Reservations: High-volume restaurants will require robust systems that can handle numerous bookings simultaneously without glitches. Look for software that can manage peak times efficiently.
  • Specific Requirements: Identify any unique needs your restaurant might have, such as integration with existing POS systems, special event booking capabilities, or specific reporting features.

Budget Considerations

Evaluate the cost versus the features offered by the reservation software. Consider the following:

  • Initial Setup Costs: Some software solutions may have a one-time setup fee.
  • Subscription Fees: Many reservation systems operate on a subscription basis, which can be monthly or annually. Ensure the pricing plan fits within your budget.
  • Additional Costs: Be aware of any extra charges or hidden fees for features like marketing tools, additional users, or customer support services.
  • Return on Investment (ROI): Consider how the software can save time and increase revenue, offsetting the cost over time.

Customer Support

Reliable customer support and training are important for seamless software implementation and ongoing operations. Look for the following:

  • 24/7 Support: Ensure that the provider offers round-the-clock support to handle any issues that might arise.
  • Training Programs: Comprehensive training for your staff can significantly reduce the learning curve and enhance the overall experience of using the new system.
  • Documentation and Resources: Check if the software provider offers detailed manuals, tutorials, and online resources to assist with troubleshooting and learning.

Trial and Feedback

Utilise free trials and gather feedback from your staff and customers before making a final decision. Here’s how:

  • Free Trials: Most reputable reservation software providers offer a free trial period. Use this time to explore the features and assess how well the software integrates with your existing operations.
  • Staff Feedback: Involve your staff in the trial process and collect their feedback. They are the ones who will be using the system daily, so their insights are critical.
  • Customer Feedback: Observe customer interactions and solicit feedback about their booking experience. A user-friendly system can enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Pilot Test: Consider running a pilot test for a specific period to evaluate the software’s performance in real-world conditions.

Additional Considerations

  • Scalability: Ensure the software can grow with your restaurant. As your business expands, the system should be able to handle increased reservations and additional locations if necessary.
  • Customisation: Look for software that allows customisation to meet your specific branding and operational needs.
  • Integration Capabilities: The ability to integrate with other systems like POS, CRM, and marketing tools can streamline operations and provide a unified platform for managing various aspects of your restaurant.
  • Security: Ensure that the software complies with data protection regulations and offers robust security features to protect customer data.


Bringing on a restaurant reservation software can significantly impact your restaurant’s efficiency, customer satisfaction, and overall success.

The right software should align with your specific needs, fit within your budget, and offer robust customer support features.

Key features to look for include real-time reservations, comprehensive table management, detailed guest profiles, automated communication, advanced analytics, and seamless integration capabilities

OpenTable stands out with its real-time reservation capabilities and extensive customer management features, making it a great choice for restaurants looking to enhance their customer engagement and operational efficiency.

ResDiary provides dynamic floor plans and customisable table management, perfect for restaurants that need flexibility and detailed control over their seating arrangements and customer interactions.

SevenRooms excels in guest engagement and CRM integration, offering comprehensive guest profiles and automated marketing campaigns to build deeper relationships with diners and boost service.

Ultimately, the best reservation software for your restaurant will depend on your specific needs, budget, and operational goals.

By carefully evaluating your options and leveraging free trials and feedback from your team and customers, you’ll find the perfect solution to enhance your restaurant’s operations and deliver exceptional dining experiences.

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