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6 ways technology is supporting hospitality operations during the curfew

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Hospitality operators are still reeling at last week’s news that they must shut by 10pm each day. So when your trading hours are restricted, what can you do to maintain revenue?

Here are 6 ways restaurant management technology supports your operations as the crisis continues to bite:

1. Takeaway and online ordering
2. Good reservations and timeslot management
3. Ordering and payment at tableside
4. Upselling opportunities
5. Stock control/waste management
6. Customer engagement.

Takeaway and online ordering – These are already providing a lifeline for many operators who had never before considered them, with even fine dining establishments taking part.

But if you feel your takeout operation could be doing better, Aloha Now restaurant software helps you establish your own takeaway website and connects it to your restaurant epos so you can import your dishes easily.

It connects you directly with the delivery platforms you select – and it enables demanding diners to place their order quickly and easily. There’s also evidence that customers ordering by mobile spend more, simply because it’s easy.

Good reservations and timeslot management – With time shortened, you can’t afford inefficient handling of guests, particularly with table service now mandated at a lot of outlets.

Aloha Now streamlines your reservation process and manages timeslots so that table turn is maximised at all times. Customer service benefits too – guests are seated quickly and served rapidly, which creates a satisfying experience.

Ordering and payment at tableside – Guest safety is paramount, and giving diners with the ability to place orders and pay via their mobile at their table not only promotes wellbeing, but also improves speed of delivery.

With guests placing their own orders, human error is minimised and the order goes straight to the kitchen for preparation, where it can integrate with kitchen automation. No dashing back and forth for your serving staff, either, which helps with labour management.

Learn more about helping your guests stay safe with tableside ordering.

Upselling opportunities – Staff are complaining that it’s difficult to engage properly with diners because of the restrictions – and that also has an impact on how well they can upsell.

But with table service now mandated at licensed premises, they will need to be at tableside. And if they are taking orders on their handheld restaurant epos software devices, they can be offered upselling opportunities that complement guest choices and boost revenue into the bargain.

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Stock control/waste management – This is always major issue, and even more so now.

Aloha restaurant epos software’s stock control capability captures comprehensive data to provide a daily sales mix analysis and to empower you to view actual v. theoretical stock, helping you control your procurement and deal properly with suppliers.

Customer engagement – Become their favourite restaurant and help them support you – use the customer data captured by your restaurant epos software to offer them targeted offers that will definitely hit the mark.

The latest technology also helps you manage social media, so you can create an interactive community that your customers can enjoy, with valuable two-way engagement.

Discover how to boost customer loyalty.

Finding the way forward

At time of writing, the government is still clarifying some of its rules – for instance, it has explained that the table service only applies to licensed premises.

Restaurant and bar owners remain torn between anger, hope and optimism, and are arguing for the restrictions to be eased.

But in the meantime, hospitality operators across the UK are doing what they always do best – getting on with things, and making the best of what they have at their disposal.

Restaurant epos software is already helping operators thrive in these troubled times – and now’s the time for you to find out more.

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