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Choose your hotel EPOS well: how to decide which is best for you

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Many hotels in the UK now provide fine dining, with celebrity chefs making an enormous impact – but even with less lofty ambitions, you can boost your hotel business with a good food and beverage offering.

The secrets of F&B success are the same whatever your business model: excellent food and great service, available when your potential guests want it.

But with a wide range of hotel EPOS software on offer, which should you choose?

EPOS provides an incredible boost to restaurants all over the UK – and nowAnd there’s a lot more to help you grow your restaurant business. hotels are examining the software choices in the hope of achieving the same results.

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It’s true that some hotels PMS systems include limited F&B management; other hotel restaurants are still struggling with paper reservation books and note pads for orders.

But properly designed hotel EPOS software is the management solution that creates perfect control over your restaurant operations – and helps deliver customer experience so good that it encourages repeat business.

4 reasons you should choose Aloha by NFS for your hotel restaurant

  1. For multi-site operations, Aloha by NFS is the proven enterprise-level EPOS. It’s great for multi-site management without duplicating head-office roles
  2. Web reporting offers a real-time online view of hotel restaurant operations wherever you are – particularly useful for multi-site operations
  3. Aloha provides powerful integrated stock management to reduce waste and keep costs down
  4. Aloha helps you build loyalty programmes and offer gift cards easily

And there’s a lot more to help you grow your restaurant business.

Aloha’s flexible API integrates seamlessly with hotel PMS software, including leading systems such as Opera and Guestline.

Aloha means it’s effortless to charge F&B to guests’ rooms, so no items are missed. Guests find this handy and satisfying. It also integrates with the hotel’s revenue reporting platform to provide excellent accuracy and convenience.

Food and beverage continues to contribute increasingly to hotel growth in the UK, rising at 4.9% in 2017, and around 5% in 2018.

But competition from restaurants is unceasing. The hotels that win are those who box clever by offering a luxury guest experience to match their great food.

Who uses Aloha? The Grand Hotel in Brighton is one example.

This prestigious establishment uses Aloha to manage its famous 2AA Rosette GB1 Restaurant, which has been developed by Executive Chef Alan White and his talented brigade, and also for its Terrace lounge and bar.

Aloha’s everyday functionality promotes the superb level of service offered in all of the Grand Hotel’s F&B outlets.

Serving staff at hotel restaurants using Aloha have handheld Pulse devices or tablets so they can send orders directly to the kitchen from the tableside. Food preparation can start immediately and human error is removed.

Accurate orders = satisfied diners + lower food waste.

Aloha also offers your staff automatic upselling prompts as they are taking the orders, which helps generate additional revenue on each order.

Analysts, PwC say UK hotels in 2019 will experience slower growth, thanks to Brexit uncertainty, a softer economy and demand trends, as well as the impact of many new hotel room additions.

So life is still challenging, and the revenue boost provided by F&B is a valuable one.

Aloha hotel EPOS software, with its rapid ROI, is providing hotels with the competitive edge to win diners, to keep control of their multi-site operations and costs, and to create stunning guest experiences.

And in today’s challenging market, that makes choosing to use hotel EPOS nothing less than intuitive.

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      Aloha offers several benefits:

      • Fast hand held ordering to increase table turns

      • Web based reporting for dynamic decision making in real time

      • Fraud control to increase your bottom line

      • Sophisticated marketing and loyalty programme creation

      • Enhanced labour and stock control

      And a whole lot more! Discover for yourself and download a copy today.

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    Luis De Souza Chief Executive Officer Posted on: October 21, 2019
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