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Hey, Alexa – can voice ordering work with my EPOS software to bring in revenue?

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Restaurant Show

There’s a huge list of challenges facing today’s restaurateurs – costs, labour, waste, customer loyalty

But maybe the biggest overarching challenge of all is this:

How do I know I’m building a restaurant that’s ready to face the future?

The pace of technological change is speeding up dramatically. When electricity was introduced, it was 30 years before it reached 10% of homes – but once we got smartphones, 40% of people had them within a decade.

Restaurant clients have changed too, especially in recent years. Their fondness for casual dining in particular has soared, with diners now keen to eat and go within just 40 minutes.

Online spenders

Online ordering for delivery is another modern-day phenomenon. The analysts Deloitte point out that 40% of customers now prefer to place their orders online. 

When they do, they’re likely to spend up to 15% more – a significant factor for restaurant epos keen to boost their revenue.

If you haven’t yet responded to this trend, your restaurant is running a huge risk. Not just the risk of being left behind, but of failing completely – you don’t want to watch powerlessly as your customer base drifts away from you.

We’re technology experts working at the forefront of restaurant management software, so it’s our job to identify and respond to trends as soon as they make their mark. 

So at the Restaurant Show, we’re excited to say we’ll be demonstrating something that’s extremely new.

 Aloha by NFS restaurant management technology is already way beyond the old definition of POS, as thousands of contented customers around the world can testify.

This software allows guests to find and book a table at your place online or via an app, then reduces their wait once they arrive thanks to graphic seating plans. 

The restaurant management technology then ensures their food is delivered speedily by serving staff using handheld devices including tablets and smartphones to take orders at tableside. The order either goes instantly to the kitchen or is held until the prep time requires it to be sent.

Guest’s payments are also taken at tableside – dividing a bill is a cinch even for large groups – so your guests just can pay and go. 

To follow up, captured data allows you to create targeted email campaigns that genuinely appeal to your customers’ tastes, and drive up loyalty for engagement.

We know loyalty pays off.

One leading London restaurant group told us their Aloha-supported loyalty programme is a bit hit with customers, who spend up to 42% more than non-loyalty guests.

Reducing allergy risks

Allergy worries become a thing of the past, because Aloha by NFS is supported by Kitchen CUT technology. This enables chefs to track allergens to individual ingredient level as menus and dishes are created.

Aloha works with self-service kiosks and tablets for fast food and casual dining, connecting to kitchen automation and reducing the wait even further.

The result is a seamless and satisfying customer experience that brings them back again and again.

Behind the scenes, your front and back of house workflow improves because human error is removed from the picture and communication becomes effortless. 

Labour and stock control

Labour is better managed because Aloha’s comprehensive reporting shows how many staff are needed at different times, even providing useful forecasts.

Stock control also gets a boost, because the software identifies best selling dishes and alerts you to trends so you can match procurement to actual requirement and reducing your food waste. It makes environmental and economical sense.

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So what exciting news will we be sharing at the Restaurant Show?
It’s the next step in customer ordering.

Delivery as a service for diners has rocketed in popularity, thanks to companies such as Deliveroo and Uber Eats

It allows restaurants who’ve never considered home delivery to develop new revenue streams, and it’s sure to keep on growing as a trend – one service is even offering restaurants the chance to use its ‘dark kitchens’ to meet demand.

Our innovative

Voice Ordering
service harnesses Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant to provide your customers with an effortless link to your restaurant. 

It goes like this:
Your customer:
“Hey, Alexa – open up the app for my restaurant.” 
“I’ve opened the app – do you want your usual?”

Your customer says yes or no, (in which case he or she makes another selection), then agrees to the delivery or collection time. The order is relayed immediately to your kitchen while the payment is taken automatically.

What restaurant POS now really means

We no longer speak about Aloha as ‘point of sale’. Instead, it’s the core foundation of restaurant technology,  a world-class platform-of-sale, integrating with the different software providers who can connect guests easily to your restaurant.

The fact is, the restaurant of the future knows one size no longer fits all when it comes to that important and very personal connection. 

Diners demand an unprecedentedly individual service that caters just for them – and Aloha, with such easy integration, helps your restaurant build exactly what connections you need to keep them happy.

We’re really looking forward to the Restaurant Show, and hope we’ll see you there: we’re ready to show how you can REALLY build the restaurant of the future.

See us at stand GH11 – book your place now!

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Luis De Souza
Luis De Souza Chief Executive Officer Posted on: September 3, 2019
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