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Streamline your business: what’s the best way to finance restaurant EPOS?

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It’s the technology every hospitality business needs – restaurant EPOS streamlines your operations, reduces costs and makes great customer service simple.

The benefit to your bottom line is easy to see. But with many restaurant margins feeling the pinch, it’s important that you get rapid ROI.

So what’s the best way to finance restaurant EPOS?

Good EPOS providers will give you a number of options that suit your own restaurant finances.

For instance, you might have a new business with start-up capital available – or you could be running a long-established or expanding chain. The requirements of each are very different.

Chris Cartmell of NFS Technology says you need to keep two things top of your mind.

“Number 1 is making sure you get the restaurant EPOS system that does what you really need it to do,” he says.

“So select a provider with a consultative approach who looks at your requirements and works with you to make sure the system achieves everything you need.”

A restaurant management system helps you:

  1. Control your stock and labour better
  2. Reduce waste
  3. Improve front to back communications
  4. Speed up table turn
  5. Improve your customer service
  6. Create engaging loyalty campaigns and monitor your social media reputation.

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“The Number 2 thing to consider when selecting hospitality technology is to make sure you finance restaurant EPOS in the way that’s best for your business,” says Chris.

Your options to finance restaurant EPOS include:

  1. Buying – you buy the hardware and the software
  2. Leasing – you lease the hardware and the software
  3. Combination – you buy the hardware and lease the software

Chris says: “Each option has benefits, and should be tailored to suit your situation.

“If you buy hardware and software you incur no further costs.

“However, leasing can be a convenient low-cost option where you pay a monthly fee.

Staying up to date

“If you lease with a maintenance contract, your supplier will provide you with software upgrades whenever they are issued, keeping your system completely up to date with innovations and improvements – the hardware also.

“Some businesses prefer to buy hardware and sign a lease contract for the software, which can provide a flexible and affordable option.”

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Cloud or on-premise?

Chris says: “SaaS (Software as a Service) is becoming an increasingly popular option for modern hospitality businesses.

“We’ll soon be launching a new bundling strategy which will see our most popular restaurant EPOS combined in a full-stack offering called Aloha Essentials. It will be a very cost-effective way to gain all the benefits.”

ROI – restaurant EPOS as a revenue generator:

“The Pulse App is an awesome tool that provides our Managers and Operations team with a competitive edge in terms of real time information across our global estate of craft beer bars that is critical to achieving our mission of making everyone as passionate about craft beer as we are.” – James Brown, Retail Director of BrewDog.

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Chris Cartmell says: “As UK restaurants take advantage of new trends such as home delivery, voice ordering and online reservations, restaurant EPOS is becoming more and more essential.

“We believe success lies in installing systems that deliver exactly what each individual restaurant or group needs – and in providing the finance options that make implementation feasible and ROI quick and significant.”

How will restaurant EPOS work for you?

Luis De Souza
Luis De Souza Chief Executive Officer Posted on: March 3, 2020
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