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Dishoom, the exclusive Bombay café in London has chosen NFS Technology’s specialist Aloha POS software as its management system of choice to enable a smooth running service at all its prestigious London locations.

London based Dishoom, with café sites in Shoreditch, Kings Cross and Covent Garden, draws upon the heritage and tradition of old cafés with all-day menus paying homage to the food of Bombay.

As the business is growing, its management team looked to adopt a software system to enable tighter control and mobility alongside organising staff and maintaining a positive guest experience to ensure each café was running at optimum capability.

NFS’s Aloha system was selected due to its all-encompassing nature to enable full management, including measurements and reporting capability in real time. Aloha has also allowed Dishoom to monitor social media activity and customer engagement to ensure any comments are acknowledged and responded to as quickly as possible.

Says Brian Trollip, Dishoom’s Head of Operations: “Dishoom’s philosophy is steeped in the traditional values of Bombay, bringing the culture, vibe and eating styles to London and we are really thrilled with how it has been received, leading us to grow and establish a further two cafes with more in the pipeline.

“However, with growth, we have to be careful not to lose this essence, which takes intensive management control and focused mobility.

Aloha has proven to be a powerful standalone POS software solution that provides all the information and more to ensure the smooth running of our cafes. We especially like the link of social media so we can see all the feedback from our loyal customer base.”

Aloha from NFS is proven to optimise real time restaurant management and actively increases revenues. With NFS Aloha Orderman, Dishoom can optimise hand held devices specifically designed to deliver orders straight from the table to the kitchen.

In addition, using, Dishoom is using NFS specialist hosted solutions including Restaurant Guard, Gift Card, Loyalty and Insight alongside specialists CFC software to enable management of all three Café locations from just the one unique system.

Luis de Souza, CEO of NFS Technology Concludes:

“Dishoom is a unique dining concept that has paid particular attention to recreate a Bombay café experience in London. With such a specific formula to follow, the focus must be on creating the right vibe to remain successful using a combination of highly reliable technology to run the restaurant operation and great customer facing solutions such as mobile ordering integrated credit cards and social media which deliver a total experience for both the restaurant operator and the guest.”

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