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Dashboards and Exports: Component 3 of Workspace Business Intelligence


It’s funny how words evolve. The word dashboard originally referred to a board of wood at the front of a horse drawn...

Workspace Business Intelligence Component 2: Statistical Reports


Business Intelligence is fast becoming one of the most important tools for gathering, storing, analysing, and providing...

Workspace Business Intelligence Component 1: Operational Reports


An Operational*Report refers to how people perform their daily tasks: who requires workspace, how they use it, what...

Workspace Meeting Psychology 3: The Power of Yield Management


We examined the psychology of successful meetings and certain behaviour trends. In this third part, we start by...

Workspace Meeting Psychology 2: Behaviour Trends and their Impact


In the first of these three White Papers we discussed the psychology of successful meetings. In this second paper, we...

Workspace Meeting Psychology 1: The Psychology of Successful Meetings


Imagine you had a time machine, and you used it to go back 30 years into the past to look at the way your own business...

Visitor Management Executive Summary


Visitor Management is being overtaken by technology, but at what cost? As touch screens replace traditional...

Visitor Management 1: The Traditional Model


In the first part of this three-part White Paper, we discussed the way technology today handles more and more aspects...

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