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Restaurant Reservations

In todays’ climate customers are increasingly looking to make transactions at the click of a button – usually on a smart phone or tablet. With the popularity of restaurant reservations software apps such as OpenTable this is particularly true of restaurant reservations.

Aloha’s online restaurant reservations solution offers your guests the opportunity to book tables 24/7 without ever having to make a phone call. The restaurant reservations software solution offers convenience for them and an additional stream of revenue for you as you can take reservations around the clock.

In addition, we also offer a secure and convenient option to integrate with OpenTable – should you prefer.

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    Aloha online reservations solution delivers:

    Real time availability

    Real time availability

    No double bookings

    Great marketing information

    Great marketing information

    All guest data is captured



    Reservations are entered immediately into the database

    Value for money

    Value for money

    A low cost monthly rental

    Increased revenue

    Increased revenue

    Drive traffic to your site and increase bookings

    Ease of implementation

    Ease of implementation

    Simply add a button to your website

    Benefits of using our reservations solution:

    • Provides the ultimate in convenience for your guests – they can check availability and book a table at any time and receive immediate confirmation.
    • Flexibility – you can limit the number of tables that are released for online bookings.
    • Enables mobile payments – with tight integration with the OpenTable restaurant reservations software – it is easy for guests to pay on the mobile app, check their bill and leave when they are ready.

    Download Brochure

    Take this opportunity to download your copy of the Aloha EPOS Brochure. Discover more about how it can revolutionise your restaurant.

  • Download Brochure

      Download your copy of the Aloha brochure where you can discover more about how it can revolutionise your restaurant

      Aloha offers several benefits:

      • Fast hand held ordering to increase table turns

      • Web based reporting for dynamic decision making in real time

      • Fraud control to increase your bottom line

      • Sophisticated marketing and loyalty programme creation

      • Enhanced labour and stock control

      And a whole lot more! Discover for yourself and download a copy today.

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    • “Aloha has given us a level of flexibility that would never have been possible when working manually. It has allowed us to grow our business with better central management. We get improved visibility across our business and better financial controls. ”
      Martin Dempster, Head of UK Operations, Brewdog
      “We are looking forward to working with a truly professional company and taking our epos system to a new level. ”
      Juliette Joffe, Founder, giraffe
      “Our business plan originally showed that it would take around five years to pay back the cost of installing Aloha. With the revenue from the sponsorship advertising, we aim to pay for the system within two years.”
      Patrick Morris, Head of Events, Gloucester Rugby
      “Our decision to use the Aloha EPOS system has become one of the best we have made in supporting the management of our fast-growing business. The support that we get from NFS has, in my experience, been second to none in this all-important area. ”
      Andrew Guy, Chief Executive, Ed’s Easy Diner
      Easy Diner
      United Kingdom USA South Africa Ireland Asia
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