What is Rendezvous Events?

Rendezvous Events is a browser-based conference and event management software package that’s easy to use, affordable and reliable. It drives revenue, handles financials, streamlines your operation and frees up more time for you to spend on customer service.
Rendezvous Events is also a powerful sales tool dealing with every aspect of the enquiry and sales conversion process. The built in venue booking software (CRM) functionality drives new business as well as helps venues better manage the process of generating more revenue from existing clients.

Rendezvous Events management system will deliver:

  • More revenue from existing and new clients, using built-in customer relationship management (CRM) functionality.
  • A streamlined events operation to save time
  • Accurate management information to support better decisions
  • Fast and accurate event billing including credit notes and revenue forecasting
  • Activity management to ensure staff are reminded of important follow up actions
  • Important tools to manage layout and on-line bookings effectively
  • Integration with your Microsoft desktop.

Powerful Sales Tool

Rendezvous event management solutions includes powerful tools to help you build new business, while generating customer retention campaigns aimed at existing clients.

The conference and banqueting software handles everything from initial enquiry to final contract, all at the touch of a button.

Graphical Diary

The diary module in Rendezvous conference and banqueting software means you can view room availability, while maximising use of space and revenue opportunities.

The diary offers full access to all meeting and event bookings and the flexibility to add additional rooms, AV or catering, then complete bookings direct from the diary screen.

Streamline Event Bookings

Rendezvous event management software handles every aspect of event booking, whatever the size of your conference centre, meeting venue or stadium.

It is with you every step of the way from initial contact, to planning, event operations and billing.

Managing Restaurants and Bedrooms

Rendezvous can be set up to handle multiple events when function rooms need to be doubled up as dining space.

Rendezvous manages table allocation, menus, beverage requirements, last-minute changes in numbers, deposit handling and billing.

Billing and Financials

Deposit, invoice and credit note – the three prime functions of event billing – are easily handled by Rendezvous. Integrated with your accounting system, the venue booking software also manages contracts, function sheets, deposit requests, invoicing and payments.

Rendezvous Cloud - No Upfront Costs

Because Rendezvous Software is supplied as a “cloud” computing solution, you get functionality without installation worries – and the scheduling software works on mobile devices such as laptops and Windows when you are on the move.

Accurate Reporting

With more than 200 sales, operations and financial reports, Rendezvous provides management information, in real time, whenever you need it.

The venue management software also provides a dashboard to view all areas of venue operations, including many critical information categories.

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    • Room Layout and Event Planning

      With access to market-leading meeting room layout software, SocialTables, Rendezvous makes designing a floor plan easy, streamlining the seating process, saving time and making event planning trouble-free.

      Room Panels and Digital Signage

      Rendezvous conference room management software integrates with a range of room panels and digital signage solutions, updated in real time to keep meeting attendees informed.

      Book from Your Website

      Rendezvous On-line offers a cost effective enquiry and booking facility to book meetings directly from your venue’s website, making it simple for clients to interact with your meeting venue on a 24/7 basis.