The technology that makes restaurants run like clockwork

We provide the Aloha enterprise-level restaurant EPOS software solutions for multi-site and multi-location operators. In addition, Cloud POS provides an affordable yet feature-rich solution which is ideal for both single site and chain operators.

Our restaurant management systems give you:

Tableside ordering <br />and payment
Tableside ordering
and payment

Online Ordering <br />Management
Online Ordering

Up to date <br />sales information
Up to date
sales information

Better labour <br />and stock control
Better labour
and stock control

Targeted marketing
Targeted marketing

Great customer <br />service
Great customer

Online reservation <br />capability
Online reservation

We build you the technology ecosystem you need

Aloha and Cloud POS integrate fully with all the other vital technologies that rock your world, including:

Kitchen automation
Kitchen automation


Social media/website
Social media/website

Stock Control
Stock Control

Mobile <br />Payments

Online Ordering Platforms
Online Ordering Platforms

At NFS, our experts know one size does not fit all – particularly when it comes to restaurants. That’s why we take a truly consultative approach, focused on understanding what you really need your restaurant management system to achieve. Then we make it happen.

And because your world never stands still, nor do our Aloha and Cloud POS systems – they evolve to meet the changing needs of you and your customers perfectly.

So go ahead – discover more about how Aloha and Cloud POS can help you.

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      You will discover:

      • Rapid hand held ordering to increase table turns
      • Web based business intelligence for dynamic decision making in real time
      • Fraud control to increase your bottom line
      • Advanced marketing and loyalty programme creation
      • Enhanced labour and stock control

      And a whole lot more! Discover for yourself by downloading a copy today.

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    What our clients say
    ”We have been a client of NFS for many years for all our Gaucho restaurants and feel their relationship adds real strategic value. Last year we implemented Aloha at all our M Restaurants and the project was managed and implemented to the highest standard.
    Aloha has been a reliable and well supported restaurant technology platform for the business, and we have managed to complete integrations to important solutions used across the Group, for example; Loyalty and Stock Management.”
    , Aloha and Cloud POS – streamlining your restaurant operations, labour and customer service, NFS Technology

    Martin Williams


    Rare Restaurants(M/Gaucho).

    ”The Pulse App is an awesome tool that provides our managers and operations team with a competitive edge in terms of real time information across our global estate of Craft Beer Bars that is critical to achieving our mission of making everyone as passionate about Craft Beer as we are.”
    , Aloha and Cloud POS – streamlining your restaurant operations, labour and customer service, NFS Technology

    James Brown

    Retail Director


    ”EPOS is vital for everything from stock control, employee performance, incentive monitoring and cost control. We like the way live data gives us an overview of multiple sites with up-to-the-minute analysis of sales, wages, like-for-like data versus last week and last year. It helps streamline the business by using data.”
    , Aloha and Cloud POS – streamlining your restaurant operations, labour and customer service, NFS Technology

    Chris Young

    General Manager

    Coyote Ugly

    ”We’ve created an online loyalty programme where our customers are in control of how they use it, and that’s really helping to drive repeat visits. Our FOH staff find Aloha very easy to use – the system is common in the restaurant industry and many have used it before, so they have familiarity with it.”
    , Aloha and Cloud POS – streamlining your restaurant operations, labour and customer service, NFS Technology

    Kieran Crosby

    Operations Director

    Balans Soho Society

    United Kingdom USA South Africa Ireland Asia
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