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Connect your workplace: how integrating your meeting room booking technology is a winner

The IT author and digital visionary Pearl Zhu says she hates silos: “They build the wall in people’s minds and tie the knots in their hearts.”.

It’s clear these days that technology is achieving a workplace transformation across the world. But many organisations are guilty of installing their technology in silos – each element answering to a specific business challenge but not connected.

As Pearl might say, this builds walls and ties knots in efficiency.

Businesses who want to build a flexible, agile workplace to improve wellbeing and productivity find breaking down those silos one of the biggest challenges.

Getting it right is worth the effort, though. Today’s workers really do want more flexibility; Forbes says:

“This conversation is happening all over America and in many parts of the world. If it hasn’t happened in your organization yet, it probably will.”

A digital transformation of your workplace, founded on sophisticated meeting room booking technology, will also:

  • cut operating costs
  • make a better working environment
  • produce a satisfying experience for clients and guests.

A poorly-connected workplace, on the other hand, suffers high costs, outdated technology and bad ROI. Worst of all, it delivers a frustrating user experience that deters people from using the technology as planned.

So how do you break the silos?

Put connected technology ( see these videos ) at the heart of your business needs when starting a new workplace project.

Here’s one example.

Busy and Successful Ltd decide to deploy advanced meeting room booking technology at their HQ, complete with integrated room panels that display occupancy of meeting rooms.

Life becomes easier for their staff in these 5 ways:

meeting room booking technology

They can now easily find and book space online via an app for future meetings.

meeting room booking technology

When last-minute meetings arise, the room panels display at a glance what space is immediately available.

Workplace, Connect your workplace: how integrating your meeting room booking technology is a winner, NFS Technology

Delays to the start of meetings are eliminated, because the meeting room booking technology integrates with an in-room control/management system. This is particularly handy for video conferences.

meeting room booking technology

It’s easy to see who’s checked into a room, and when they did it. If the meeting space is not occupied within an agreed time, it’s automatically made available again.

meeting room booking technology

It’s easy to track how many people are using the room, and to check the right space is being chosen. This has a real impact on space availability.

These five advantages show the genuine value in connecting key systems; scheduling and meeting room booking technology, video conference management, digital signage, in-room control, and occupancy sensors.

Launching a workspace project is therefore worthwhile, but it’s also complicated. So how do you succeed without making chaos in your organisation?

Ask these questions when connecting your workplace

  • What space types do I need for my staff to work efficiently and engage with their colleagues and clients?
  • What technologies does each type of space need, so workers can locate the space and work effectively?
  • How can I integrate the technology to deliver an end-to-end user experience? I need people to be able to find a workplace, be able to book it and have collaboration tools available.
  • What flexibility do I need for future requirements and changes in work activity that I haven’t foreseen?
  • Do I want my users be able to book resources such as catering, AV and VC in a single transaction?
  • Which user groups need to engage with the technology, and what tool set is best for supporting their work? They’re likely to need access from a mobile device, and Outlook integration.
  • Which management reports will I require so I can monitor what’s going on all the way from space utilisation to service delivery and handling of visitors?

Choose the right partners

  • Your workplace deployment can take useful tips from other successful technology projects such as these.
  • Once you’ve identified your operational and business drivers, the next task is selecting technology suppliers with a deep commitment to partnerships and to open systems integration.
  • This is crucial to developing your connected workplace today – and even more vital for future-proofing your investment.
  • Technology is evolving to meet further change in the workplace – mobility, agile and home-based working and also a recognition that work is now about results rather than where you do it.

Here’s how it looks when you get it wrong

  • Stressed and Confused Ltd. buy a workplace management solution with a proprietary architecture for everything from the meeting room booking technology to room panels, sensors and wayfinding technology.
  • Now go forward in time.
  • If Stressed and Confused Ltd had implemented a strategy integrating digital signage with the in-room management system, they could eventually do away with sensors and room panels.
  • But they’re locked into a proprietary workplace management solution, so they have to start again.
  • It’s expensive, both in investment and in business disruption.
  • A solution based on open Application Programming Interface (API) technology would let Stressed and Confused Ltd replace elements of their technology and create a new solution that’s fit for purpose.
  • This could be half the price of starting the whole thing again.

How does open technology help?

In the battle to create perfect meetings every time, today’s complex workplace requires many different types of technology to work hand in hand.

Open API-based technology means you can select and integrate the software that’s right for your organisation.

Remember 5 critical points when selecting partners:

meeting room booking technology

Reject closed architectures where elements of the solution are controlled by one vendor

meeting room booking technology

Make sure the provider has a robust API and will make this available to partners in the project

meeting room booking technology

Ensure all partners are committed to enhance the API for current and future business and operational requirements — this may need funding

meeting room booking technology

Make sure key parties in the solution have a partner-centric reputation – ask to see proof

meeting room booking technology

Don’t be impressed by: “We could do this in future”. If there’s no “gateway” into the data or solution, it won’t happen.

  • In short, select a provider who embraces the consultative approach you need – a trusted advisor.
  • A consultant asks deep, functional, non-functional, cultural and possibly confronting questions, that identify your genuine needs – and spots ones that will need addressing longer term.
  • Connecting your workplace is an evolving process, changing as the needs of your business and workforce develop. You need to make sure your chosen technology advisor is just as flexible.

* Meet your trusted advisor and start connecting your workplace today – request a demo!

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      Luis De Souza

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