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How Rendezvous Events helps Sandy Park Conference Centre to exponential growth

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Sandy Park Conference Centre, home to Exeter Rugby, has always had a great following on and off the pitch – and the events side of the business continues to go from strength to strength, with record sales and attendees in 2023.

The organisation has worked with NFS Technology – providers of Rendezvous – to help achieve this huge success.

Sandy Park Conference & Events Sales Manager Bev Gratton tells the story:

“To put this into context, since Sandy Park moved from Excel spread sheets and Word documents to Rendezvous Events, our financials have increased considerably”.

“When we were looking at coming into the digital world, with our fast-growing business, we wanted to become more efficient with the process of administering enquiries, bookings, contracts and billing, and we also wanted easy access to one point of truth for the Conference business.


“As part of our selection process, we visited Gloucester Rugby who had been using Rendezvous Events for a number of years. The easy use of the software, its strong suite of reports along with a UK-based head office and UK support network meant we felt we would be making the right decision.

“Ten years later and we are still using Rendezvous.”

The benefits Sandy Park gets from Rendezvous

“As the business has grown, we’ve found we are using its functionality on a daily basis and the integration with Venue Directory has given us greater efficiency and saved a lot of duplicate rekeying of enquires. These now come straight into Rendezvous as enquiries for us to respond to.


“The annual refresher training offered by NFS allows our team the opportunity to gather together and focus on the needs of the business and how Rendezvous can support it with strong reporting and the Query tool. It gives the team an opportunity to focus and analyse the year just gone, and use the reporting functions to see where we can grow the business for next year. “

Patrick Morris, workspace consultant for NFS Technology, says Sandy Park is a glowing example of the immense benefits of using digital technology to support conference operations.


“Over the years, we’re proud to have helped Sandy Park grow its business with the help our technology,” he says.

“It’s a great example of how world-leading technology and a fully-supportive and long-lasting business relationship can benefit an organisation that is outstanding in its field to pull even further ahead.”

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