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Leading providers of hospitality solutions and meeting management software, NFS Hospitality are celebrating after The Big Lottery Fund, the largest distributor of Lottery money to good causes, decided to adopt their revolutionary Rendezvous software.

Staff at The Big Lottery Fund required a software system able to arrange multi-location meetings and to evaluate the many thousands of individuals and organisations who apply for the funding of projects under the Lottery Fundscheme.

Rendezvous offers a browser-based solution for easy multi-location bookings with all aspects of central control in place. Staff will now be able to view room and resource availability, make booking requests and have the room and other aspects of the booking confirmed by email as a matter of priority. This saves a lot of time in calling and emailing to find suitable rooms for both internal and client meetings.

The email confirmation will also have an Outlook Calendar file attachment, so that staff can transfer meeting details directly into their Outlook calendar without the need to maintain multiple views of booking details. Secretaries and PAs who book many meetings will also have a central meeting management facility as part of the Rendezvous Self Service Module, so things like making repeat bookings for future dates will be both fast and efficient.

Most importantly, Rendezvous will help with the process of increasing web-based meetings, which will now be easier to plan and execute using the powerful scheduling facilities of the software for both booking and automated notifications to all service providers.

In this way, arranging a three-location video conference involving technicians, catering and other equipment set-up can be scheduled much more reliably. More web meetings will save on travel cost and reduce carbon footprint, a key priority for most businesses today.

Officially established on 1 December 2006 by Parliament, The Big Lottery Fund assumed the residual responsibilities of the dissolved National Lottery Charities Board (Community Fund) the New Opportunities Fund, and the Millennium Commission. Giving close to £2 million in lottery good cause money every 24 hours, The Big Lottery Fund ensures that most people across the UK are within a few miles of a Lottery-funded project.

One of the key aspects for the future of The Big Lottery Fund is gaining better management information using the very powerful Rendezvous reporting engine. Being able to track room usage, and be able to create clear Booking and Event sheets, will help internal users receive better-quality presentation of booking details.

Peter Carter, NFS Marketing Manager, comments, “Providing software solutions for The Big Lottery Fund is a huge honour for us all here at NFS Hospitality. We are really pleased to be in a position to offer our software solutions to such a deserving cause.“

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