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Internationally renowned, themed restaurant chain Bubba Gump is using NFS Technology’s innovative Aloha POS software and kitchen management system as part of its UK expansion plan to continue to deliver high quality seafood together with a fun guest experience.


The American seafood chain is best known for taking its inspiration from the 1994 film Forrest Gump and has over 30 restaurants across the globe, including the newly opened prestigious location in London’s Trocadero in Leicester Square.


With the franchise rapidly growing across the UK, the focus on retaining the core Bubba Gump values means managers required an all encompassing integrated management and reporting system to enable control and mobility alongside managing staff and guest experience.


Following previous knowledge of NFS’s Aloha System, Chris van Tatenhove, Operations Manager at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co (UK) Ltd introduced the specialised point of sale software to the restaurant. Explaining his decision Mr van Tatenhove said: “With the essence of Bubba Gump’s experience being food is the hero, our continued aim is to provide a casual dining environment where everyone can enjoy a great meal and have some fun.


“To ensure this philosophy is maintained across all our restaurants, new and existing, takes not only precision management and dedicated staff, but also a high performance software management platform. I knew from previous operations roles that Aloha would fit the bill perfectly and we are instantly seeing the benefits, with a constant eye on the reporting capabilities to enable us to continue to deliver to the core values of Bubba Gump as more restaurants open across the UK.”


NFS Aloha EPoS system features the latest NFS Kitchen Management Solution, with unique screens enabling direct visual contact between the order and the kitchen. In addition, Bubba Gump is using NFS specialist hosted solutions encompassing pulse, restaurant guard, loyalty, gift card and Insight.


Luis de Souza, CEO of NFS Technology concludes: “We are especially pleased that an international brand as Bubba Gump has adopted Aloha for its first UK base and roll out programme to other locations. The Bubba Gump implementation involved many facets of the Aloha solution including integrated kitchen management and the use of Aloha Pulse for the delivery of real time business critical information. NFS is excited to be working with another international brand with a roll plan in the UK.”

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