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For 900 years Chichester Cathedral has welcomed visitors through its doors – worshippers, seekers, tourists, people of all faiths and none. And today, at the heart of the historic place of worship, running the Cathedral’s admin, lies the latest in scheduling software technology: Rendezvous from NFS Technology.

Chichester Cathedral operates four sections that perform different roles: Religious, Educational, Charity and Commercial. Getting to know the different levels and establishing a good relationship with key department heads was essential for NFS technicians before implementation of the software could begin.

Rendezvous is designed with commercial and unique venues in mind to offer comprehensive room and resource scheduling capabilities. It enables its users to reserve space and resources, request deposits and manage payments, assign and oversee tasks, track booking changes and ensure the proper delivery of catering and AV equipment.

As well as the conventional uses for the software, the Cathedral also used the solution’s versatility to list and organise some of the regular tasks performed, such as organ tuning, services, choir rehearsals, etc.

It was evident that NFS had a good understanding of how we operate on various levels,” said the Cathedral’s Retail and Commercial Development Manager Kay McCluskey. “Through numerous visits prior to installation, NFS established a good relationship with the key departmental heads. Without that, this project would never have got off the ground.

It’s a complicated environment in which to work, with the ecumenical and commercial operations at opposite ends of the spectrum. NFS did well to satisfy the demands of both.

Said Shyam Bharadwaj, NFS Client Relations: “At NFS we pride ourselves on really getting to know a client’s business before and during any installation. That way we can guarantee that the software solution we leave them will satisfy their exact needs. It also ensures that if they do call for help, our 24/7 helpdesk will be familiar with their business and be in the best positron to offer advice tailored to their particular needs.

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