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NFS’ Aloha point of sale and loyalty software is delivering operational benefits and great marketing opportunities to this unique London bar
ICEBAR LONDON by ICEHOTEL, a collaboration between the ICEHOTEL and the owners of the belowzero restaurant + lounge, is a bar unlike any other, offering an unforgettable experience. At ICEBAR LONDON by ICEHOTEL, everything is made of the purest, crystal clear ice, including the walls, the bar, the tables and even the glasses you drink from.

Maintained at sub-zero temperatures of around -5˚, the UK’s only permanent bar made of ice provides guests with specially designed thermal capes and gloves to wear.

The bar operates with 40-minute time slots, after which guests are able to move into the contrasting comfort of the belowzero restaurant + lounge.

Located on Heddon Street in the former wine vaults for the British monarchy, once a year the entire bar is completely transformed by a team of skilled ice designers and sculptors, using new ice from the Torne River in northern Sweden, a source admired for its unique purity.

ICEBAR LONDON by ICEHOTEL recently celebrated seeing the one millionth guest walk through the door since it opened in 2005. The venue has been using the Aloha EPOS solution since its inception and Nick Skudder, Sales Manager for Aloha, notes that NFS were selected over other point of sale software providers at this time, “because we offer a global product as well as 24/7 support.“

Nick says that the bar has now also started to use Aloha Loyalty, to help promote their destination venue and attract new customers, as well as retain existing clients.

Matthieu Bourgogne, General Manager of belowzero restaurant + lounge, comments: “Aloha is a very flexible and secure EPOS system that we have been able to structure to fit our unique environment. It’s very functional, and the telephone and online support is excellent. To be honest, we couldn’t live without it.

ICEBAR LONDON by ICEHOTEL sell preloaded gift cards, enabled by the Aloha Loyalty system. “It’s a great marketing opportunity for us, and the system is very easy to manage,” comments Matthieu.

In my experience, Aloha is the best EPOS system I’ve come across – both for back of house and front of house operations.

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