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New technology that revolutionises the way workspace is used will be launched at the Facilities Show in June by scheduling solutions experts NFS Technology.

Rendezvous sensors track in real-time desks, meeting rooms and even seats that are being used – and provide live availability for staff and facilities managers, driving better workplace utilisation. NFS is an international technology company specialising in the facilities and hospitality markets.

NFS’ chief executive Luis De Souza – who will be on hand to introduce the technology at the Facilities Show – said: “The workplace is changing dramatically as the move to flexible working gains momentum.

“Where we once had a desk and worked at it, and had rooms set up purely for meetings, we now need our space to be far more agile, with hot desk areas and open meeting spaces where colleagues can collaborate.

“This places a major requirement on facilities and office managers to make sure the workplace is fulfilling its function efficiently for both employees and the company.”

A recent global survey found that seven out of every ten workers waste 15 minutes a day looking for a suitable place to work.

Luis said: “Every wasted minute is productivity down the drain. Also, office space is expensive – a desk can cost more than £18,000 a year in the City of London and $14,000 in New York.

Empty rooms, no-shows at meetings and hot desks that stay cold are a major hidden cost for businesses. Our new sensor technology provides a dynamic view of the office that can pay dividends for both workers and the organisation.

Our sensor solution is affordable, easy to deploy (only Wi-Fi needed) and monitors the occupancy of rooms, desks and seats in real time, displaying the available space on display panels, ideal for staff to plan their day,” he said.

“It means staff looking for a suitable meeting space or available hot desk can find it in an instant – and book it online, even before they get into the office, along with equipment and facilities they need such as video conferencing and AV.

“Rendezvous also automatically releases space if staff do not turn up – business rules can be set for each space type to suit operating modes and culture. And our Analytics Module provides a perfect guide to facilities managers about how their space is being used, so they can make informed decisions on office configurations.

We feel our new Rendezvous sensor technology is a step change in the world of space management – and when we launch it at the Facilities Show in June, we’re confident that its simplicity and affordability will be an attractive proposition for both the CIO and FM.”

To register for the show: CLICK HERE

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