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Rendezvous workspace technology clients are gaining impressive benefits from a prestigious new link-up.

Red Solutions is a leader in digital visual communications and the representative of Onelan digital signage in the UK. Reserva is one of the leading Room Booking / Signage brands with which NFS’ meeting room booking software Rendezvous integrates.

Zubair Khushi, Partner Manager for NFS, said: “We’re pleased to be able to celebrate this extremely prestigious link-up with Red Solutions, which is designed to bring further benefits to our wide range of Rendezvous clients

“Digital Room signage is a crucial part of delivering a great meeting experience, and Red Solutions has a well-deserved reputation for representing best of breed UK-manufactured technologies.”

Digital Signage Partner, NFS welcomes esteemed new digital signage partner. the Red Solutions, NFS Technology

Red Solutions Managing Director Rob Sheriff also welcomed the announcement, and said his company’s role was to assist every link in the sales process, from manufacturer/integrator to end user to ensure that each tailored solution exceeds expectations.

“Red Solutions ( is a Hybrid Agency/Distributor that champions the handpicked products that we represent,” he said.

“Our partnership with NFS Technology, an international technology company, will deliver a powerful combination of enterprise room booking, resource booking, interactive room signage and digital signage.”

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