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NFS Technology announce the Workspace Smart Kiosk, the next generation of smarter business technology for the self-service user.

Workspace Smart Kiosk is a new flexible and mobile solution, designed for the iPhone and Blackberry generation of business people who, in today’s high-speed world, increasingly need to manage meetings on the move.

In essence, Workspace Smart Kiosk is a booking system, in reality it’s so much more, a business toolkit with multiple uses for organisations who need to remove pressure from corporate reception areas and to encourage self-service among their staff.

The Kiosk has been designed for installation at locations with hot desks or meeting rooms with flexible booking facilities. Here, staff can use its self-service functions to find room or desk availability and then make bookings for that day or a date in the near future.

The Kiosk is an additional module of the Rendezvous suite of software, renowned for streamlining the scheduling process for rooms and resources while increasing utilisation of facilities. NFS provide the total solution – hardware, software, installation and support.

Said Luis De Souza, Managing Director of NFS Technology: “Our brief is to make technology smarter, to give customers the tools for flexibility. We believe that Workspace Smart Kiosk will prove invaluable to many different types of customer.

As a broadly-based technology business, NFS provide self-service solutions in a range of industries. This means we have gained considerable strength in speeding up processing for more efficient customer service. All this makes NFS ideally suited to the launch of the Workspace Smart Kiosk. It’s the perfect product for today’s changing market.

NFS market and support a range of integrated facilities for law firms and corporate organisations. With offices in the UK, Ireland, USA and South Africa, and an international customer base of more than 1,000 clients, NFS offer a fully manned, 24/7 helpdesk, with consulting and training services for all clients.

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