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How to assist the last minute and shorter meeting bookings in venues?

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How Venues Can Accommodate the Last-minute Meeting Agenda

The way in which meetings are being booked today, particularly for smaller and late meetings is changing, where online booking technology is establishing itself as a key factor in driving additional revenue to the venue.

Recent research has shown that businesses now look for more versatile conference areas when booking, which can accommodate last minute and shorter meetings. 70 per cent of businesses said that conferences will only last a day and 65 per cent want them to take plan ace less than two hours’ travel away.

It is perhaps no wonder that serviced office providers are reaping the benefits as one of the most dynamic and fast growing markets and together with hotel meeting facilities, means commercial venue operators are losing when it comes to smaller and last minute meeting bookings.

Efficient Booking Process

When it comes to the booking process for such smaller meetings, businesses look for the most convenient approach, often relying on online booking capability to accommodate all requirements.

Here again, serviced office provides lead the way with easy to navigate online meeting room booking software.

And you only need to click on leading hotel groups websites to find meeting room management software that allows you to choose the right location, select the date and confirm the booking with all requirements fast-tracked online and available online and on mobile devices 24 / 7.

However to date, for last minute meetings to be held at conference venues, choices are still very much limited. And venues still rely on calling the venue to finalise arrangements, which is often now viewed as inefficient, especially if the meeting is only intended to be short, with a few in attendance.

How Can Venues Capitalize on Smaller, Last Minute Meetings?

There is no doubt that when organising larger events, exhibitions and conferences, venues will need to engage with customers via traditional methods of communication, including phone calls and meetings.

However, just as leading hotel groups have segmented their offering, between booking a meeting online for 25 guests or less, and submitting an request for proposal (RFP) to get the groundwork done for over 25 guests, commercial venues have the capability to offer the same and maintain a competitive edge.

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So What Can Venues Do to Accommodate the New Meeting Culture and Ensure They Become the Destination of Choice for Last Minute or Smaller Meetings:

1) Ensure meeting room management software is integrated with existing website navigation to ensure it is simple and intuitive to use and available 24 / 7 / 365 to operate on any device, including mobiles and tablets.

2) Make sure online booking software can present very latest room availability and rates in a convenient and easy to use format, with options to secure, organize and even pay for rooms prior to the meeting taking place

3) Confirm every booking: Just like a hotel, meetings need to be confirmed with all details accounted for. In today’s fast paced world, details discuss in a phone call can be quickly forgotten

4) Dietary requirements: With meetings occurring at any time of day, make sure you have the tools and staff available to acknowledge meal needs that can be served in line with a meeting agenda.

5) Capture data: To encourage loyalty, ensure you capture details of the meeting, including names and email addresses of organisers, dietary requirements and technology needs, so that next time a meeting room is required, the booking process is completed even quicker and more efficiently.

Growth in Online Bookings

CEO of NFS Technology, Luis De Souza says: “The serviced office market is effectively an industry built on challenging the traditional office model, right from environments where work is completed to how and when meetings are held, and their growth is a reflecting the rapidly changing evolution occurring in the workplace as a whole.

“Many hotel groups have adapted their online booking capability for meeting bookings and facilities to meet this new approach, but commercial venues have been slow to adapt.

“Whilst inevitably larger events will always require more personal interaction, to compete in the market to attract smaller meetings, venues need to integrate online booking software that is simple and intuitive to use, offers real time rates and is mobile ready. These changes are the most influential factors that will create a great guest experience, right from the booking stages, and work to create loyalty to the venue for all meeting requirements.”

Revenue Driver

Rendezvous Events from NFS is an affordable browser-based conference and event management software that’s easy to use, affordable and reliable. For venue operators it drives revenue, handles financials, streamlines operations and frees up more time for them to spend on customer service to deliver a great guest experience for all meeting room bookings.

Recently introduced, Rendezvous also offers an affordable cloud-based option, which acts as an online portal to help meeting venues to drive additional revenue for smaller and last minute meetings.

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Luis De Souza
Luis De Souza Chief Executive Officer Posted on: January 4, 2016
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