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How technology can support multigenerational collaboration

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For the first time we are seeing five generations working together, each with a different perspective, approach to a work/life balance, method of communication and comfort levels with technology.

Many organisations are making significant investments in technology to achieve necessary collaboration and greater productivity between the generations, reductions in operating cost, and also potentially significant reductions in the need for fixed workspace—typically office utilisation is less than 50%!

Here Are Four Key Questions Cio’s Needs to Consider in Relation to Achieving Effective Multi- Generational Collaboration in the Emerging Workplace:


With the accelerated growth in use of mobile devices (mobile browser useage has increased from 8% to 33% in just three years) a key question for the CIO community is whether their company has a mobile strategy in place to support this trend, while dealing with important issues like security, and BYOD.

Is a Mobile Strategy in Place to Encourage Staff as Well as End User Engagement with Your Brand?


In all areas of business, digital media is rapidly gaining in importance as the preferred medium for communication and engagement. This has an impact on both technology investment and facilities management, as staff expectations in relation to digital media (signage, AV and VC) continue to rise.

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What Is Your Company Doing to Meet or Exceed Staff Expectations Across the Generations in Relation to Digital Media?


The greater use of self- service technology, with many business applications now delivered through a SaaS model, provides great opportunities for increased productivity and flexibility to service a mobile workforce.

How Is Your Organisation Responding to the Self-service Trend?


Many companies have invested significantly in VC technology, but utilisation is still relatively low. The key question for organisations is how best to increase VC utilisation and secure better collaboration as well as reduced costs in key areas like international travel.

Is Your Vc Technology Intuitive to Use or Do Staff Shy Away Due to Complexity or the Lack of Integration with the Meeting Scheduling Platform?

Evidence suggests organisations that make the best use of technology are able to encourage an inclusive and diverse culture, securing the greatest levels of collaboration, productivity and workplace engagement across the different generations.

Are these some of the issues that are on your agenda as CIO or Head of Facilities? Our White Paper will provide some perspectives on the technologies and approaches that are key to support a multi- generational workplace.

The white paper entitled “The Multigenerational Workplace – 5 Insights every CIO Needs Today” is available to download here and encourages responses to a dedicated Linkedin page at

Luis De Souza
Luis De Souza Chief Executive Officer Posted on: November 4, 2015
United Kingdom USA South Africa Ireland Asia
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