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Are you winning at collaboration? 5 ways meeting room software brings your colleagues closer

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Are your workers more digitally-mature than your organisation – and just waiting for you to catch up so they can do their jobs better?

That’s what 71% of company executives believe, according to recent research by Accenture.

Ready for Human +?

The tech giant warns that companies will need to support new ways of working in a world where ‘human +’ workers find their skill sets and knowledge boosted by technology.

If your business already embraces the amazing capabilities provided by technology such as meeting room software, you’ll know the benefits in terms of increased productivity and worker wellbeing.

Providing a working environment where collaboration thrives is a great idea – it’s a powerhouse of innovation, generating team spirit and excellent engagement that creates dividends for your business.

Meeting room software has developed in response to the fast-moving pace of change in the way we work. It provides key technological support when you are creating to a high-collaboration workplace.

4 ways meeting room software helps bring your colleagues closer together:

  1. Booking workspace: It helps your agile workers find the right space to work and meet every time they are in the office
  2. Better meetings: It drives up the effectiveness of your meetings and video conferences
  3. Office layout: It helps you reconfigure office space more efficiently to cater for hot desking and informal meetings
  4. Futureproofing: Integrated occupancy sensors provide important data on workspace utilisation so your office can evolve for future changes.

Booking workspace: For workers on the move – an increasing trend – meeting room software provides an invaluable aid to making sure there’s a desk or a meeting room when they need it.

Using an app, they can quickly put in their requirements, locate the desk or room they need and book it. When they arrive at the office, they can sit down and get to work immediately, without delay or frustration.

Booked but unused spaces are eliminated, because the system uses occupancy sensors to identify if no-one turns up, putting the space back into availability.

Better meetings: Meeting room software makes meetings work more efficiently in several ways for you and your colleagues.

You can book the space they need online, as above, without having to ring admin staff, and add in extra resources such as video conference equipment, AV and even catering at the same time.

If your meeting is going to be held in several locations, the system (integrated with Outlook) books appropriate space and even adjusts for time zones if necessary.

If any details of the meeting change, everyone involved is notified automatically. This reduces admin and hassle and also cuts the chance of no-shows.

Office layout: Our workplaces have moved more towards informal meeting spaces, multi-purpose rooms and hot desks in recent years.

With the help of data gathered by meeting room software, many companies have been able to reconfigure their existing workspaces to cater better for staff requirements.

Some have even been able to downsize, making cost savings.

Futureproofing: There’s no doubt our ways of working will continue to change as ‘human +’ becomes a reality and technology takes us to places we can currently only imagine.

Your workplace will need to continue to change if you want to keep up. That will require good decisions supported by real-time reports on how your space is actually being used – and that’s where the data capture of meeting room software will once again prove invaluable.

But however our working practices change, one thing will remain as true in the future as it is now:

Providing a perfect environment where colleagues can engage and enjoy work will always be a recipe for business success – whatever your business.

See the meeting room software in action in this short video:

Luis De Souza
Luis De Souza Chief Executive Officer Posted on: February 14, 2019
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