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Want happy workers? Make planning a cinch with workplace management software

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Work in the 21st century is an agile activity a million miles from the clock-punching drudgery of last century…

So if you’re forcing your staff to work in a 20th-century office, you probably have a morale problem – not to mention recruitment issues.

Did you know: Gartner estimates that the average worker spends 27 hours a year looking for workspace.

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So if you haven’t done it already, it’s definitely time to get to grips with the processes and software that can bring your workplace up to date.

Workplace management software helps staff control their working environment to create the conditions that encourage collaboration, wellbeing and productivity.

As a workplace owner or facility manager, the way you control surrounding conditions can make the environment good or bad for your business and people.

That means you have to think about:

  1. Physical environment – the sort of space available for meetings, how warm or cold your office is, what the noise levels are like.
  2. Equipment – are video conferencing or AV available for collaboration? What equipment do your people need for perfect meetings?

It goes wrong when…

  1. Your workspace does not support modern ways of working.
  2. Your team ends up searching for somewhere to work, or hold a meeting.
  3. Staff are uncomfortable because it’s too hot, too chilly or distractingly noisy.
  4. When no-one shows up to meetings.
  5. When no-one wants to organise a video conference because it’s too much hassle.

Here’s how to make it work:

Workspace management software tackles all these issues, making operations more efficient and delivering an agile working environment where people get on with their jobs efficiently.

Here’s how using workspace management software works:

Workspace management software provides an app so workers can locate and book their desk or room via their smartphone, even when attendees are in multiple locations.

If they need a quiet desk, they can select one, and also add catering or services such as VC in the same transaction.

All the details can dragged and dropped into the Outlook calendar thanks to good integration, and changes are notified automatically to all involved – even the caterers.

how room booking software enhances Outlook for a perfect meeting experience.

Great room scheduling software helps agile workers traveling from one office to another, and also works for office-based staff who need meeting rooms. Workspace management software helps them to:

  1. Find and book workspaces/meeting rooms – it informs employees of room availability based on their specifications every day.
  2. Create perfect meetings every time – the room scheduling software finds a room, books VC, books catering, and tells participants if meeting times change. It even releases the room when the meeting finishes.
  3. Encourage collaboration to drive innovation and team spirit.
  4. Wipe out boring manual admin tasks.

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How does it work in practice?

Global law firm DLA Piper is a good example of this.

With hundreds of staff attending meetings in 33 rooms every business day, DLA Piper invested in Rendezvous, integrated with real-time occupancy sensors.

When meeting attendees arrive, sensors turn equipment on and instructions appear on the main screen telling them how to project a laptop onto the screen.

Equipment automatically shuts down when the meeting ends. The room is automatically released and its availability displayed on digital panels outside.

The integration of meeting room booking technology with a system for digital signage and building control created a fully connected workplace.

Thanks to the integration, staff can find a suitable meeting space, book the room and services and bring remote offices into the meeting by video conferencing.

They can even set up lighting, control temperature and lower window blinds.

How do occupancy sensors help in planning?

The system aggregates data from the sensor technology, so you can model and predict future space requirements.

The system alerts management when space usage goes above or below set levels – it even provides enough data to suggest how the office should be configured.

How are savings made?

Using this data to deliver 10% in space savings could mean you can delay office moves and expansions, or reconfigure existing space for flexible working.

The solution can release a space automatically at end of use, ready for the next user – this can increase space utilisation by around 30%.

Space and desks can also be automatically re-allocated when you have a “no-show”.

Given that the average employee spends 27 hours a year looking for the right space to work, this time saving can create a major cost saving – it’s a great result for the business.

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      • Effectively manages multi-location, multi time zone meetings including video

      • Integrates fully with Outlook so is easy to use and incorporate into your existing workflow

      • Eliminates manual processes such as sending meeting requests

      • Enables flexible working as works on all mobile platforms

      • Manages finite resources such as hot desks and A/V

      And a whole lot more! Discover for yourself and download a copy today.

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