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Make the Right Connection with Rendezvous

Here’s a question: What’s the connection between you, 19th Century fur traders and Japanese cinema? The answer is Rendezvous.

As a user of Rendezvous, you’ll already know it as the leading scheduling and event management software from NFS Hospitality. That’s a long way removed from a Rocky Mountain Rendezvous where fur trappers gathered to trade in the 1820s, or the name of a rather obscure Japanese film made in 1972. And did we also mention it’s the title of a song on a 1998 Bruce Springsteen album?

Clearly, the word Rendezvous means different things to different people. It’s the same with the software you are using. You know how it fits in so well with your own line of business. But were you aware of the way its versatility makes it the perfect partner for so many other organisations? They include law firms, the corporate sector, healthcare facilities, conference venues, museums, hotels, restaurants, stadia… and more

The businesses that use Rendezvous are diverse, but their scheduling needs are often very similar, making Rendezvous the ideal meeting planning tool for so many different types of organisation. The key benefits of Rendezvous are:-

  • Streamlining the scheduling process for rooms and resources.
  • Increasing the utilisation of facilities.
  • Reducing real estate costs through advanced utilisation reporting.
  • Easing energy consumption and contributing to green agendas.

Rendezvous takes the effort out of scheduling and leaves you to efficiently manage your business.

The Latest Upgrade

Rendezvous is also the French word for an appointment. So make an appointment now with Rendezvous 3.8, the latest software upgrade. New features include:-

Booking Wizard
This new feature makes light work of complicated bookings involving multiple rooms with different layouts and capacity.

New Ways to Capture Enquiries
Pieces of paper with enquiries written on them are inefficient when the client calls back to proceed with the booking. With the new upgrade you can enter an enquiry and Rendezvous will remind you a week later to chase the client.

Faster Smart Graphs and Forecast Reports
Every business has to perform financially and this is evaluated by comparing their budgeted revenue against real bookings. Now, instead of spending hours a week or month to produce the figures, Rendezvous takes care of it in seconds.

Better Access for Read-only Users.
When service providers need to access Rendezvous, their read-only licence previously would eat away access for users who are revenue generating. Now you can buy read-only licences and make the most of your investment.

What Rendezvous Can Do for You

Rendezvous, as you must have now gathered, is all things to all people. For more ideas of what it can do for you, take a look at what it does for others. Here are just three.

Kingsholm Stadium in Gloucestershire runs a Business Conference Centre and banqueting facilities that have become one of the most important conference venues in the Cotswolds and the Southwest of England. With 38 meeting rooms to manage at the Stadium, Rendezvous handles a conference and events business worth in the region of £700,000 a year with only two members of administration staff.

Cardiff Castle and Cardiff City Hall are twin sites where Rendezvous has cut administration by two-thirds. Staff are delighted by the way the software does all the thinking and remembering for them, prompting action at exactly the right time. In this way, staff are freed up to spend less time on paperwork and more time with customers, and its efficiency becomes a revenue generator.

Maldron Hotels whose new hotel has opened in Cardiff are delighted with Rendezvous’ forecasting abilities, and the ease with which data can be pulled off for the past week, the past month, or longer, identifying the strongest days of the week for business. Being able to forecast room hire revenue in this way helps consolidate the business and becomes a revenue generator.

Tricks and Tips

Rendezvous went live in Cardiff in March and since then administration has been cut by two-thirds.

  • Use the dynamic client or contact search facility to reduce booking to just two clicks.
  • Use the source and marketing segments to provide analysis for marketing strategy.
  • Make the most of multiple pricing levels by identifying client types to ensure the right pricing is applied to each customer.
  • Configure the permissions facility to allow or prevent certain users access to billing.
  • Make sure you receive an email if a booking is cancelled or rescheduled.
  • Use the forecasting abilities to track volume and launch appropriate incentives.

The Self-service Option

Rendezvous incorporates a powerful web-based interface for self-service bookings to integrate with corporate intranets. Employees can use the scheduling system to book meeting rooms, hot desks, catering and other resources such as AV, concierge services and taxis.

Now, anticipating the needs of tomorrow, NFS has launched the Workspace Smart Kiosk, a self-service platform in the shape of a free-standing Kiosk. Designed for use at locations with hot desks or meeting rooms with flexible booking facilities, it is robust, secure and easy to install.

Once installed, staff can use the Kiosk’s self-service functions to find room or desk availability and then make bookings for that day or a date in the near future. NFS provide their customers with the total solution – hardware, software, installation and support.

Now let’s hear from you

  • How are you using Rendezvous?
  • How can your experiences help other users?
  • How can the experience of others help you?
  • What would you like to know more about?
  • Do you have any useful hints and tips on the use of Rendezvous?

Let us have your feedback, and we’ll feature your stories and comments in future issues of this newsletter.

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Coming Soon

In future issues of Rendezvous Review, we will cover different business sectors in more depth. Next time: Meeting room signage – pointing you in the right direction.

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