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It’s so hard to get a clear view of what’s happening across your business

Isn’t it? Particularly if you’re in multi-locations. Maybe this sounds familiar – you want to keep tight control on prices, data and other issues right across your group, but it’s proving difficult, and you’re sure it’s hitting your profits.

Restaurant A has a manager who hasn’t kept on top of stock control, while Restaurant B seems to be having labour cost issues. You can’t be constantly at every venue – but you do need to know what’s going on all of the time.

Pulse means you keep your finger on the “pulse” of your business effortlessly

Imagine this: business intelligence held – literally – in the palm of your hand. You use the Pulse app to access comprehensive reports covering everything from operations to sales, right across your business, all in one place.

Then you use that end-to-end view to make informed decisions to take your whole restaurant business forward. No guesswork – just solid data.

You see when labour costs are running high, and take action. You discover what’s selling well, and make the most of opportunities, and you can communicate with your team directly out of the app.

You even deal with any negative online feedback from diners – our software gives you instant information so your team can deal with the issue before Trip Advisor reviews do any real damage.

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      Download your copy of the Aloha brochure where you can discover more about how it can revolutionise your restaurant

      Aloha offers several benefits:

      • Fast hand held ordering to increase table turns

      • Web based reporting for dynamic decision making in real time

      • Fraud control to increase your bottom line

      • Sophisticated marketing and loyalty programme creation

      • Enhanced labour and stock control

      And a whole lot more! Discover for yourself and download a copy today.

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        On the demonstration you will discover:

        • How easy it is to take orders and process transactions with the intuitive user interface

        • The benefits of the labour management and stock control to lower operating costs

        • The features of the enterprise reporting and how it can effect change rapidly across several sites

        • The ease of use of hand held ordering and how it increases table turns and, ultimately, profit

        • How loyalty can play a part in increasing life time value of your guests

        Please complete the form today and if there is a particular aspect of the solution you wish to see then please make a note in the comments section.

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      “Aloha has given us a level of flexibility that would never have been possible when working manually. It has allowed us to grow our business with better central management. We get improved visibility across our business and better financial controls. ”
      Martin Dempster, Head of UK Operations, Brewdog
      “We are looking forward to working with a truly professional company and taking our epos system to a new level. ”
      Juliette Joffe, Founder, giraffe
      “Our business plan originally showed that it would take around five years to pay back the cost of installing Aloha. With the revenue from the sponsorship advertising, we aim to pay for the system within two years.”
      Patrick Morris, Head of Events, Gloucester Rugby
      “Our decision to use the Aloha EPOS system has become one of the best we have made in supporting the management of our fast-growing business. The support that we get from NFS has, in my experience, been second to none in this all-important area. ”
      Andrew Guy, Chief Executive, Ed’s Easy Diner
      Easy Diner
      United Kingdom USA South Africa Ireland Asia
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