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Do you want to reserve a desk? It all comes down to the employee experience

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employee experience, Do you want to reserve a desk? It all comes down to the employee experience, NFS Technology

On the face of it booking a desk should be relatively straightforward.

With a great hot desking software it is. However, when considering this vital aspect of the hybrid working experience, workplace leaders need to look holistically at the full employee experience.

Aside from booking desks what does a hot-desking software solution need to offer to create a great employee experience?

Desk Hoteling

In these uncertain times it is vital that when employees have the reassurance of a dedicated workspace. Booking ahead is vital to avoid disappointment.

For employees who are constantly on the move, a mobile app offers the most convenient way of booking a desk when they need it.

Check out our video to see how it works.

Reverse Hoteling

Another great feature of the more progressive hot desking software is reverse hoteling.

Put simply, it means that you can offer your staff the opportunity to book space that is temporarily released as a hot-desking area. For example, when an employee is on vacation their corner office could become a hot desk for two weeks then released again when they return.

It’s a smart way to utilize your space and ensures everyone gets a seat when they need one.

Flexible Booking

Employees are enjoying a greater degree of freedom and work life balance.

With the 9-5 office life dying out, the new breed of hot-desking software solution now enables staff the flexibility of booking a half day or by the hour – much more reflective of today’s hybrid employee experience where they may, for example, need to work in the office for collaboration in the morning then be at home in the afternoon for deep work.

Collaboration Features

Of course, when staff are in the office they need to interact with colleagues. A flexible hot-desking software will enable staff to locate and book desks near where their colleagues are sitting using an easy to use floorplan and colleague search feature.

It will also enable them to book meeting rooms and catering/AV for larger collaborative gatherings.

Check out our video to see how it works


While hot desking software – such as our Rendezvous solution – is powerful in itself when it is integrated with other software and hardware platforms then it becomes even more useful. A holistic approach pays dividends over a more traditional siloed way of thinking.

Integration with Outlook means that staff never have to worry about keeping track of desk bookings – it’s all there automatically in their calendar. They can see at a glance how their day looks.

Integrating with hardware platforms such as desk panels, RFID readers and QR codes ensures that staff can check in and out of their desks in seconds. No protocols or admin required – they can just get on with their work.

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Our tips for planning a great day

The best hot desking software forms part of a great ecosystem that is easy for staff to use and helps save them time when planning their day.

Our tips are:

  1. Use a mobile app for checking desk and room availability
  2. Find a workspace using the simple to use floorplan
  3. Locate your colleagues using the app
  4. Order services using the app
  5. Arrange video conferences using the software
  6. When you need to find a meeting or room use a room panel/digital signage

This infographic gives a great illustration of how this works in practice:

employee experience, Do you want to reserve a desk? It all comes down to the employee experience, NFS Technology


Booking a desk is only part of the equation. When evaluating hot desking software you need to consider how this can create a positive impact on overall employee digital experience.

We have created a number of resources around the employee experience and the wider hybrid working world. Check out our hybrid working video for tips on how to utilize technology and plan for the future – today!

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