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Come on in: 6 ways technology helps venues make money out of meetings

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Not too long ago, there were rumours going round the business world that meetings were as dead as the dinosaurs. Thanks to the rise of the internet, it was said that no-one would need to get together any more.

But of course, that prediction turned out to be far from the truth – and for the venue and conference industry, meetings can be an enormously lucrative revenue stream for venues when business is low, such as between big events.

There’s certainly a gap in the market to fill when it comes to providing facilities for small or late meetings, where business people discover a need for a meeting space outside their own premises. However, a quick response is crucial in this rapidly-moving market.

So what can help your venue deliver the kind of guest experience that will bring meeting guests back again and again?

6 ways technology helps venues make money out of meetings:

1. It gives them the info they need:Online booking technology allows venues to present selected spaces available for rent, without customers having to view an inventory of larger spaces.

2. It lets them book online:Online booking technology provides 24/7 booking ability – no more disappointed out-of-hours calls. Online payment is also taken at the time of booking, so everything is signed and sealed in just a few minutes.

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3. It saves valuable staff time:Having an online booking portal releases valuable event and management staff from the time-consuming task of taking bookings and allows them to do what they do best – interact with customers.

4. It drives effective promotions and great yield:Your venue can control rates and availability for the online market, making special offers where required. And capturing customer data and preferences automatically means venue managers can create bespoke promotions that hit the mark with customers.

5. It makes sure you give a great customer experience:Finding and booking the space and the facilities to go with it – even simple catering – becomes a seamless and painless experience if you have the right technology.

6. And it brings them back again: With an easy booking process and a great meeting experience behind them, your customers will use your venue again.

Meetings will always be with us. And with a little state-of-the-art technology to help, your venue can provide a valuable service that will help you grow your business – even in these toughest of times.

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Luis De Souza
Luis De Souza Chief Executive Officer Posted on: June 13, 2017
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