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Your handy guide to pizza restaurant POS systems

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Executive Summary

Your quick guide to choosing a POS system for your pizza restaurant
Understanding different types of epos system
So what’s right for your pizza restaurant?

Pizza customers – whether they want pepperoni with that, or demand extra olives, there’s one thing they definitely want their food to come with: great service. And that’s why the best pizza restaurants today are turning to POS systems.

But just as your restaurant is different to all other establishments, your POS (point of sale) system needs to be highly individual, too. You know your customers, their demands and likes, and you need to meet them perfectly.

Of course, all pizza restaurants have some things in common, and an EPOS system is always an asset in these major areas. It helps you:

  • • Streamline operations both on and off-premises
  • • Ensure customer satisfaction with quick and accurate ordering and payment, and with integration to online ordering platforms and delivery services
  • Manage your inventory better and maintain good stock control
  • • Customise your menu easily
  • • Provide useful data about sales trends, popular menu items and customer behaviour
  • • Encourage repeat business by enabling targeted customer loyalty programmes, often with integration to customer relationship management system (CRM).
  • • Make the most of your labour pool without having to hire new staff – manage staff schedules, track working hours, and monitor performance.

In addition, the system provides comprehensive reports and analytics that make it possible to track the end-to-end performance of your business even if you are in multiple locations.

Utilize these features to gain insights into sales trends, customer preferences and staff performance, and even to gain accurate forecasts of your busiest periods. These insights can inform strategic decisions and improve overall efficiency.

A provider with a consultative approach such as NFS Hospitality will help you define your needs and pick the best system, but this guide will help you understand the basics and start thinking clearly about what you need.

Your quick guide to choosing a POS system for your pizza restaurant

Consider these 5 factors:

  1. Flexibility: Evaluate how adaptable the POS system is menu customisation, pricing configurations and the reports it can create, so it aligns with your unique business requirements. An expert POS provider can work in a consultative way to help with this.
  2. Support and training: Always opt for a POS provider such as NFS Hospitality offering solid customer support, training resources and software updates. This ensures that your system will be deployed with as little fuss as possible and operates seamlessly.
  3. Scalability: What are your ambitions for your business? Ensure your selected POS system can fulfil the current needs of your pizza restaurant while also accommodating and enabling future growth and expansion.
  4. Integration: The best POS solutions integrate seamlessly with the other software applications you use in your business, such as accounting software, online ordering platforms, loyalty programmes, and third-party delivery platforms.
  5. Cost: An EPOS system for restaurants will deliver ROI via efficiencies, cost reductions, better control of stock and labour, reduced waste and enhanced customer satisfaction. Things to consider include the total cost of ownership, including hardware and software upfront costs, subscriptions, transaction fees and any additional expenses for support and maintenance. Your provider should fully explain all of these figures.

Understanding different types of epos system

Restaurant EPOS software, which has developed hugely over the past few years to match the changing needs of businesses like yours, comes in a variety of formats. Understanding these will help you decide what suits you best.

On-premise systems

These on-premise POS systems are hardware-based solutions that store your data on servers at your restaurant. These systems are known for their reliability and robustness.

They offer high reliability, performance and security, but can involve upfront costs for hardware and installation. They also require regular maintenance and updates.

Cloud POS

Cloud-based POS systems store data on remote servers and can be accessed via the internet. They are popular for their flexibility, scalability and lower initial costs.

Cloud POS systems are accessible from any device with internet connectivity, and receive automatic updates. However, they do need to be properly managed to maintain security.

Mobile POS

These are cloud-based systems that have been optimised for mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. They offer great flexibility, allowing staff to take orders and process payments anywhere within the restaurant – ideal for tableside ordering and payment, and low hardware costs.

Hybrid POS systems

They store data locally but also sync with the cloud, providing the reliability of on-premise systems and the flexibility of cloud-based systems. The benefits are a combo of on-premise and cloud systems.

So what’s right for your pizza restaurant?

Selecting the right POS system depends on factors including your restaurant’s size, budget, and specific needs. Here are some key considerations to help you make the right choice:

Take a cool look at your needs

Do you require advanced inventory management, or is customer relationship management more critical? Understanding your priorities will help hone your options.

Set your budget

Consider both the initial costs and ongoing expenses. While legacy systems may have higher upfront costs, cloud-based systems often have subscription fees. Ensure you account for all potential costs, including hardware, software and maintenance.


Choose a POS system with an intuitive and user-friendly interface that minimises. training time for your staff and help them even in the busiest periods


Protect your business and your customers by ensuring the POS system has robust security measures to protect sensitive customer and financial data. Seek out features such as encryption, secure login, and regular software updates


Investing in, and deploying, the right POS system is essential for your pizza restaurant in its drive for the best efficiency, enhanced customer experience, and improved revenue

Choosing the system that aligns with your business needs and objectives is paramount. By working with your provider to carefully evaluate the features, benefits, and considerations outlined in this guide, you can be sure you are making an informed decision that will give your pizza restaurant or group a competitive edge – even in today’s competitive and crowded market.

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Chris Cartmell
Chris Cartmell Software and Technology Expert Posted on: May 17, 2024

Executive Summary

Your quick guide to choosing a POS system for your pizza restaurant
Understanding different types of epos system
So what’s right for your pizza restaurant?
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