Snoring? Or booking hotels on a smartphone?

Recently, our visitors at the Independent Hotel Show at Olympia West were intrigued to talk to us about the 5 great reasons why successful hotels are making it mobile these days. The unstoppable rise of smartphones continues – Brits recently told a new report that they check their smartphones even when they should be asleep.

So smart hotels are moving fast to give mobile-minded guests everything they need. We know that 54% of hotels say they are spending more on technology this year.

And We Know Exactly Why – Mobile-savvy Independent Hotels Are Finding That a Good Property Management System (PMS) Opens the Doors To:

1. Better online reservations

2. A smoother guest experience

3. Effortless service delivery

4. Quick and convenient payment

5. Important management information.

So here’s how it works: the sleepless smartphone surfer finds your boutique hotel online and books it – the PMS automatically synchronises rates and pushes out room availability across online travel agents. It then imports the bookings without manual intervention.

Arriving at your establishment, the guest checks in online and moves swiftly to his or her room – housekeeping has reported it clean and ready on their own smartphone or tablet. The room has a tablet where the guest can book spa sessions for dinner.

When leaving, payment is equally effortless thanks to a range of new apps such as Zapper and handheld EPoS devices such as Orderman.

During the whole visit, your PMS has collected valuable data which provides management reports so you can drive continuous improvement. And it creates good communications with your guest so you can send useful offers to bring them back again. IIt All Adds up to a Superb Guest Experience, and a Major Boost for Your Business.

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Luis De Souza
Luis De Souza Chief Executive Officer Posted on: November 14, 2016
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