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Do you sometimes think your restaurant cash must be disappearing down a hole?

It can be tricky to track cash, particularly across a group. Imagine this: your restaurants are busy, completing dozens or even hundreds of transactions a day both in and out of the business.

It’s a nightmare to keep an accurate audit trail manually across all the locations, and you have an unpleasant feeling that not everything is being tracked. There may even be some staff fraud going on…

NFS Stock gives you complete peace of mind with full cash visibility.

This enterprise-level stock, cash, labour and purchasing software makes sure you keep track of payments and pay outs. Here’s that same scene with NFS Stock support: your restaurants are busy, completing all those transactions – but now you view all your cashier transactions and track all pay outs, comps and vouchers, at the safe and at the bank.

This combats fraudulent activity – especially as you can set up reports and alerts to react swiftly to any large cash variances.

NS Stock is fully integrated with your accounts so all your cash received is posted automatically to your final accounts receivable – and a complete audit trail is kept.
Phew. Now you know for sure where all the cash is.

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