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Is your kitchen throwing your profits in the bin?

Stock wastage is a huge problem in the industry. This is a typical situation: chef has got a good deal on a particular product, and devised a dish that should be popular with diners.

But unexpectedly, it doesn’t seem to sell – although you’re not quite sure how many have actually been sold, because you’re not keeping track. You can’t encourage your waiting staff to recommend it either, because in the busy world of service no-one has even noticed that diners are giving it the cold shoulder.

Because you’re not keeping track of stock accurately either, you are uncertain how much of the product you have. There’s a risk it might even be re-ordered.

Later, a lot of food goes in the bin – and takes a chunk of your profit with it. But that’s not recorded, so the error is repeated again the following week…

NFS Stock puts an end to the waste, and makes your diners happy.

Here’s the same situation with NFS Stock providing support: Chef has got a good deal on a particular product, and devises a dish.

Unexpectedly, it isn’t selling – but thanks to NFS Stock live intelligent data, you notice straight away. With that warning, you brief your waiting staff to tell diners how good it is, and sales pick up dramatically.

There’s little waste that day. And because NFS Stock has noted that another kind of dish is selling better, you’ve captured a trend that chef can follow, rather than pushing a less popular dish.

Even better, NFS live intelligent data is busy comparing the variance between your expected and real stock usage, so you can order precisely and reduce waste even further.

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