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Remember the last time your staff were run off their feet?

Too many restaurants find they don’t arrange the optimum amount of labour. And that means when your guests arrive, there might be no-one to seat them, or they might be put off by uncleared tables.

Once they do get a seat, they’re likely to be in a hurry – today’s diners like a quick and satisfying experience. But if you have insufficient staff in the kitchen, that meal could take a long time to arrive.

It’s a nasty situation. But having staff standing round unoccupied is an expensive alternative…

NFS Stock revolutionises your rostering and saves labour costs.

In a restaurant supported by this smart enterprise-level technology, you’ll have captured data that reveals exactly when your busiest times are, so you have the perfect number of staff to deal with it and keep your wage bills at a minimum.

NFS Stock handles their clocking in and out automatically, too, eliminating abuse and making sure everyone is doing the hours they’re supposed to. Your easy-to-update rota is keeping everything in apple-pie order and alerting your managers if staff are getting close to overtime.

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