The 15 crucial questions you need to ask your room and resource management software vendor

You’ve made the wise decision to invest in room and resource management software because of all the benefits it can bring – and now all you need to do is find the right technology and the right vendor.

First, though, be sure about what you, your business and your staff will gain from your new system.

From the minute it’s implemented, you save time – the recent Bytesized Guide to Resource Management estimates that 25% of meeting time is wasted on people being late, rooms still occupied or getting rooms set up.

With state-of-the-art meeting room booking software, you achieve efficiency and savings in 7 ways – you can:

1) See what work and meeting space is available – instantly, via real-time displays that use occupancy sensor technology to identify available meeting spaces and desks

2) Book it online in an instant – via an easy-to-use portal

3) Book equipment and facilities at the same time – add videoconferencing, AV or even catering in a single transaction; everything you need for your meeting

4) Make sure everyone attends – meeting room booking software such as Rendezvous from NFS Technology integrates with digital signage to guide delegates to the right place

5) Notify all attendees of any meeting changes automatically – even across time zones

6) Utilise all of your workspace fully – empty space is expensive space

7) Capture data to support informed future space decisions – long-term, accurate information helps you identify exactly how your space is being used, and where efficiencies can be made.

However, not all meeting room booking software systems provide this full range of benefits and services, so it’s crucial to choose the right technology from the right vendor.

It can be hard for professionals and business owners, with a wide range of responsibilities and projects to have time to get to grips with all the workplace solutions that are now on offer.

The Bytesized Guide, which NFS Technology is privileged to sponsor and which you can download by CLICKING HERE, has a full list of questions to help, and we have identified 10 of the most important things you need to ask your software vendor in order to get a system that matches your requirements perfectly.

Use this vendor checklist as your starting point:

1) What are your company’s core areas of expertise?
2) How long have you been in operation?
3) How many active companies are using your services now?
4) How do you manage access to their data and maintain security?
5) Can your meeting room booking software system be customised to meet our needs?
6) How do online users access your system? Via desktop, laptop, smartphone app?
7) Is it available as a cloud option?
8) Will your system integrate with a number of hardware options?
9) Does it offer digital signage?
10) Does it have an analytics platform that can provide actionable metrics?
11) Does it offer smart automation facilities?
12) Will we be working with one point of contact?
13) What training is required – and what do you provide?
14) Is full technical support provided?
15) Will the system be updated regularly?

As a vendor of Rendezvous, a leading meeting room booking software system, we put ourselves to the test we’ve just outlined.

At NFS, we provide resource management solutions to many different organisations including healthcare providers, legal, finance and utilities companies.

We’re Microsoft Gold Partners, and we’ve been building our business for nearly 25 years. We have over 1,600 clients using our systems all over the world, and we have stringent policies and practices in place to safeguard their data.

Rendezvous is superbly flexible, and can be customised to meet the needs of any business, large or small. Users can access it anywhere they have an internet connection, via mobile, laptop or desktop, and is available as a SaaS cloud model.

Crucially, Rendezvous is hardware agnostic, so you can use our meeting room booking software on devices of your choice. It also integrates closely with leading digital signage technology, finance systems etc for a seamless experience.

Rendezvous includes advanced reporting capabilities that put accurate data and analytics on space occupancy at your fingertips in a form that enables positive action to drive efficiencies, save costs and promote staff wellbeing.

One of our customers, a global utility, saved $100,000 in the first three months of using Rendezvous, simply by making it easy for staff to locate a meeting room in their own premises, without booking expensive external space. Not only did it save money, it also saved a huge amount of worker stress and frustration. See the full case study by CLICKING HERE.

This same data can also be used to automate decision-making and make sure spaces are used effectively, such as helping to determine the right ratio of people to hot desking facilities as well providing actionable data to drive future real estate acquisition and configuration.

At NFS, we feel it’s crucial that our clients always have one point of contact, who develops a strong relationship with the company and fully understands its needs. As one client recently said: “Our NFS contact is always available to help us – he’s even responded when he was on holiday.”

Training is comprehensive and quick, because Rendezvous is intuitive and easy to staff to use – and we provide 24/7 technical support from our award-winning helpdesk.

And as our customers know, we invest constantly in research and development, updating their meeting room booking software according to their requirements and contracts.

At NFS, we feel we certainly answer those 15 important questions fully. Can you say the same about your software vendor?

For more information on Rendezvous Workspace CLICK HERE.

Luis De Souza
Luis De Souza Chief Executive Officer Posted on: July 17, 2017
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