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There is no time like the present to evaluate the solutions you need to drive venue and event sales.

In a competitive market where event bookers are spoilt for choice and they are engaging with brands across many different digital channels, your marketers need to be able to differentiate you from the competition while your sales team needs to be able to proactively manage prospect engagement. Challenging times call for fresh thinking about technology.

A rock-solid venue management software solution will certainly streamline your operations and for long-term sales growth we recommend using an integrated CRM solution.

Why Rendezvous venue management software and Microsoft Dynamics Integration?

Microsoft Dynamics is one of the leading CRM solutions used by many forward-thinking event venues. With an outstanding set of features it was a “no brainer” for us to develop a tight integration between the Rendezvous management software and Dynamics. It offers all the digital marketing capabilities you need as well providing the toolkit you need to manage the sales process. With full integration to Office – it is also easy to learn and use.

The integration delivers:

1. An enhanced enquiry handling process

Using Microsoft Dynamics you can easily track your new enquiries from initial phone call/email to contract stage and all points between.

The solution is easily customisable to your business needs so you can capture all the relevant information to help you successfully close more business. For example, you can capture key information such as proposed event dates.

Automated reminders on their personalised Dynamics dashboard ensure that your sales team are always successfully chasing qualified leads.

2. Automated lead nurture campaigns

What about leads that aren’t qualified? Thanks to Dynamics marketing module you can easily create comprehensive and attractive lead nurturing email campaigns which you can automatically trigger based on pre-determined criteria such as market segment.

Email campaigns are created using the intuitive drag and drop editor – no HTML coding skills required. Using Dynamics enables your marketing teams to concentrate on creating compelling copy and attention-grabbing campaigns.

What sets the Dynamics marketing solution apart is the innovative lead scoring feature – every time a prospect opens an email or clicks a link then it is assigned a score. Once a prospect reaches a certain score then it is immediately passed through to sales to call as a marketing qualified lead – automatically and it appears on the salesperson’s dashboard so they can action it straightaway.

3. Data driven sales and marketing

In today’s digital world, your prospects are going to be coming from many sources whether it is social media, website or email. More often than not they are going to engaging with your brand across multiple platforms. Dynamics reporting enables you to see at a glance who your most engaged social visitors are.

Seamless integration with Google Analytics means you can trigger follow up email campaigns immediately to motivated prospects who return to your site. With Dynamics you capture this important information about your site visitors’ behaviour and you act on it too!

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4. Sales Management

Dynamics sales reporting enables you to see at a glance where your prospects are positioned in the sales process.

Using dashboards you can easily see which opportunities are closing this month and those which need attention. Sales managers can also see at a glance what activities their teams have scheduled and what has not been actioned. No sales opportunity is neglected as managers get a granular view of each opportunity.

5. Seamless integration with Microsoft Office

Sales team members can create stunning proposals using templates and send them straight out of Outlook. Every email sent to a prospect will be logged in the CRM automatically saving the need to manually log every communication in the CRM. Next time you bring up the client’s record in the CRM you can see at a glance the email trail – again, another great time saver.

They can even send emails from Outlook and then add the contact to the CRM on the fly – without having to exit Outlook. The integration is seamless and ensures that your sales team capture all client contacts and communications.

6. Create an end-to-end venue sales process

The integration between Rendezvous and Dynamics is seamless too. Sales teams can quickly access the Rendezvous diary to check availability of spaces without having to leave the CRM – a great time saver when speaking to potential clients.

Once a client has signed the booking form, all data is transferred seamlessly to the venue management software – no need to rekey in data and your operations team can start planning the event immediately. All event documents needed to manage a successful event are produced straight out of Rendezvous such as function sheets, event sheets and room layout sheets.

And as it’s a two-way integration, you can use the venue management software data to create amazing client retention email campaigns to boost future revenue opportunities from existing clients. Repeat business and loyal, happy customers? It doesn’t get better than that…

See it in action

Check out our video to see how easy it is to use Microsoft Dynamics with Rendezvous venue management software.


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