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Time to adopt cloud- based restaurant EPOS?

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Many restaurateurs are using legacy restaurant EPOS software systems designed for yesterday’s guest experience.

For operators looking to grow their operation now is a good time to reconsider your restaurant technology.

Let’s look at some of the ways that cloud technology can improve your operation, drive growth and offer a great guest experience.

Getting ahead of the competition

A key advantage of cloud-based restaurant EPOS software is that is constantly being enhanced. Progressive providers roll out new features – for free – on a monthly basis. With no software to install those enhancements are instantly available.

These more forward-thinking restaurant EPOS software providers are offering a tightly integrated all-in-one solution that includes all the tools an ambitious restaurateur needs to create a great guest experience, process mobile payments, improve kitchen performance, manage labour and increase loyalty.

Built to scale fast and cost effectively

Speaking of ambition, a cloud-based solution is the way to go for scalability. No need to install new software on each device – simply purchase more licences, sign in online and you are good to go. With no complex hardware to maintain it is more cost-effective too.

Using a cloud-based solution you can easily manage loyalty and marketing for your whole estate. Making changes becomes a breeze – for example all your sites’ menus can be updated in seconds – a process that would take hours if done manually.

Real-time Reporting

Real Time Reporting
With a cloud-based reporting solution you gain visibility of your business across multiple sites in one place. Consolidate and compare data wherever you are.

Key sales and labour information is available at your fingertips in graphical dashboards and as it’s in the cloud it’s real-time accurate data too.

You can go beyond analysing data – you can quickly act upon it too. Managers can set alerts so they are always up to speed on critical KPIs. For example, armed with real-time data on guest numbers they can proactively gauge whether they have enough staff for the optimum guest experience.

Enhanced Security and Data

As we have seen with high profile incidences such as the Marriott data breach, hospitality data is a gold mine for hackers.

Holding sensitive unencrypted client data such as credit card details on physical back-office servers is an easy target for hackers to exploit.

Cloud technology is more secure as the data is already encrypted and is held offsite at secure data centres.

Eliminating on-premise data points ensures that there are no points of weakness – all your transactional and client data is captured in one place in streamlined and secure process.

Armed with this accurate and clean data you can supercharge your marketing and loyalty programmes with a far higher response rate.

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Enhanced guest experience

With the new breed of cloud systems, you can easily provide an efficient and fast service and with seamless integration between the restaurant EPOS software and kitchen delivery system orders are processed in seconds.

For today’s customers, cloud-based solutions simplify the process of processing mobile and contactless payments and are ideal for new customer requirements such as QR-based menus and paperless receipts.


Cloud-based restaurant EPOS software solutions offers many benefits ranging from low cost scalability to reduced IT footprint to better data security.

Thanks to their real-time data processing they are ideal for making informed and dynamic management decisions. They are also ideal for providing a great digitally driven experience for today’s guests who value speed and efficiency.

There is no time like the present to evaluate how cloud-based solutions offer the best possible return on your investment and will give you a competitive edge that today’s restaurateur needs.

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    Luis De Souza Chief Executive Officer Posted on: September 2, 2021
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