How to mix the generations at work – our videos reveal the secret of success

Seems like everyone’s talking about millennials these days, and no wonder – these young people are making their mark on everything from retail to hospitality and the workplace.

Millennial is a handy label for a the generation born after 1980, and whether you run an office, a hotel or a chain of stores, you’ve already had to sit up and take notice of them. For instance, read this feature to see how different they are in their approach to booking hotel accommodation.

Will This Cause You a Headache?

We give this generation a few more labels, too. We say they’re digital-savvy – they grew up with the internet – and we also say they’re demanding, requiring more flexibility than most workers if they are to be kept happy.

One thing millennials definitely do is move on, so retaining their talent requires some careful thought and useful tools if the hotel or office manager is to avoid a headache.

What’s more, as the younger generation is filtering through to the workplace, workers at the other end of the age spectrum are no longer moving off into retirement. Some workplaces can have as many as five generations working alongside each other, and all coming from very different perspectives.

Boosting Productivity

To maintain productivity and drive innovation, it’s crucial to create a comfortable working environment for these very different groups, with their varying yet complementary talents.

That could be something as simple as better desk management, perhaps, or resource scheduling software that helps them can book the perfect space to work.

Secrets on Film

I’ve created a series of videos that reveal the secrets of how technology can support collaboration in a multigenerational workspace.

In interviews filmed by This Week in FM magazine, I outline what you need to give each of the working generations, from millennials to baby boomers, to maintain them at their highest level of productivity.

In my short films, you can also discover how the different generations engage with technology and how a facilities or operations manager can make that work to the benefit of everyone in the organisation – and its customers. Every generation may have different views on flexible working, technology and getting on with their daily job, but the clued-up facilities manager can help them learn from each other and buy into technological advances.

So take a look – for your business to succeed, your workplace needs to be working equally well for every generation.

Luis De Souza
Luis De Souza Chief Executive Officer Posted on: June 30, 2016
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