How restaurants and bars can rise to the challenge of the Living Wage

Restaurant and hotel businesses across the UK are this week counting the cost of the newly-introduced Living Wage.

Most agree it’s morally sound – for instance, see what Heiko Figge, head of hospitality and leisure, Moorfield Group, told The Caterer recently.

But there’s no doubt the hike in labour costs imposes an extra burden on any hospitality operation; the BBC estimates it could be up to £1bn.

Is There a Cost-Effective Solution?

For businesses struggling to make ends meet – or even for those who simply want to keep profits stable – doing anything that could negatively affect the guest experience is just a no-no.

So the solution needs to be one that drives up efficiency, cutting costs by saving time, and fortunately technology can provide the perfect answer in the shape of a good restaurant management system.

Smooth Running

Our Aloha restaurant management system is an epos software solution that helps restaurants, bars, hotels and restaurant groups run their operations smoothly.

Aloha looks after everything from handheld ordering, cash handling and billing to advanced operations such as labour management, loyalty, table management and stock control.

It’s backed up by comprehensive reporting that allows restaurant and hotel owners to make informed decisions.

Saving Time, Saving Money

So how can the Aloha restaurant management system help your restaurant or bar business save time and money while actually improving customer service?

Simple. Hand-held EPOS enables your waiting staff to send orders directly from tableside to the kitchen, and print out bills from there, too. It means there’s no more rushing back and forth, and your staff can spend valuable time with guests instead, making sure they enjoy their experience.

Encouraging Guest Loyalty

This improves customer loyalty and brings guests back again and again, driving up revenue, and also enables the restaurateur or manager to take a clear view of staffing and rostering requirements, creating better labour control.

In addition, Aloha is available as a web-based enterprise solution. And because it’s accessible anywhere, it reduces the need for duplication of skills at different locations – another staff saving.

Living Wage? No Problem

Restaurants have traditionally been high-overhead businesses, as this international feature shows. The living wage could make that even worse.

But While everyone in the hospitality industry will be keeping a keen eye on the effects of the living wage, there’s no doubt that those with a good restaurant management system using state-of-the-art software are going to be ahead of the game.

Chris Cartmell
Chris Cartmell Software and Technology Expert Posted on: April 12, 2016
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