Taming Big Brother in the workspace

Wouldn’t it be totally cool if companies could track where their employees are?

Yes – but in today’s world of safe spaces and political correctness, it may also be impractical or even self-defeating.

There’s something about companies wanting to monitor the whereabouts of their employees that has everyone chasing their collective tails.

But what if it turns out that what the facility managers, CFOs and workspace designers want to know about employee movement and activity is actually the exact same thing employees want to know for themselves?

Where’s Joe?

It can be easy to get involved in discussions about issues such as colleague-finding and planning for emergency evacuations.

There are ways to know exactly where Joe and Cathy are at any given time, for sure. It can be done and it’s useful to know.

But as a person who often over-thinks everything from what shirt to wear or which entrée to order, I wonder if it’s time to under-think this particular issue.

Everybody Wins

What about just giving employees information for their own benefit – by enabling flexible working, and making their day at work smoother simply because they can find a quality space to work, reserving it online with desk booking software.

And how about we give them great desk management in a way that transparently also gives corporate decision-makers some cool stuff too?

Like how many people are where at what times – and maybe even why they are there.

Wouldn’t it be totally cool if companies could inexpensively and easily extend their employee vision into the fabric of their workspaces in a way that made the office a more enjoyable and productive place? We know how great space utilisation pays off (see this case study).

And wouldn’t it be totally cool if that same information gave management enough information about utilisation to make better informed decisions about the square footage the company needed?

Yes… It Would Be Cool. For Everyone.

So turns out the best way to deal with Big Brother may be…not to deal with it at all.

Stop trying to track the “who”, and start empowering everyone with useful data on how many, where, when and why, supported by useful desk booking software. Even companies on narrow budgets can do this now.

So What Are You Waiting For? It’s Time to Embrace Your Workspace.

Nick Day
Nick Day Head of Rendezvous Sales Posted on: June 1, 2016
United Kingdom USA South Africa Ireland Asia
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