Did You Know That Scheduling Software Is a Great Facilitator of Collaborative Working?

The Oxford English Dictionary defines collaboration as “work(ing) jointly on an activity or project.” Collaborative working is, therefore, the act of people working together toward common goals.

In a recent survey by the Economic Intelligence Unit, of 1,656 executives from 100 countries, the majority said that collaborative working is vital to the future of their organisations.

The survey also reported that “increased collaboration will be a defining feature of the company of 2020. Executives expect to see a lot more collaborative problem-solving inside and outside their firms, and clear majorities intend to create employee incentives to encourage collaboration across functions (79%) and with external stakeholders (68%).”

With Rendezvous Workspace it is now possible to bring together all the pieces of the collaborative jigsaw. Whether it is booking a video conference to facilitate collaboration across continents, to booking hot desks for an impromptu half-hour meeting, to booking a boardroom for a formal AGM, Rendezvous Workspace can handle all these differing scenarios with consummate ease.

Given the importance of face-to-face interaction in collaborative working, many organisations are designing workspaces with collaboration in mind. Research by Judith Heerwagen in her article, Collaborative Knowledge Work Environments, has shown that office layouts with the greatest number of connections to other spaces had more interaction with other workers.

Due to the disparate nature of today’s modern workforce, it is imperative that the tools are in place to enable collaboration. NFS’ Rendezvous Workspace scheduling softwarehas been specifically designed to schedule all workspace within the modern office environment. It offers a flexibility previously not achieved by scheduling software tools designed purely for diarising meeting rooms.

There Are a Number of Benefits to Be Gained from Collaborative Working as It Helps People Work Together to Achieve Results, Including:

  • Lowering the costs of communication, through affordable or free tools
  • Eliminating the need to travel to external meetings
  • More co-ordinated and knowledgeable teams, armed with updated documents at any location, at any time
  • More efficient and effective working methods due to advanced online tools

Organisations using Rendezvous Workspace have found a tremendous increase in collaborative working, which in turn has led to greater knowledge sharing and, in turn, faster decision-making.

If collaborative working is here to stay – what tools do you have in place to make the most of this opportunity?

Luis De Souza
Luis De Souza Chief Executive Officer Posted on: April 12, 2011
United Kingdom USA South Africa Ireland Asia
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