Effortlessly Manage Meetings on the Move on the iPad

When Apple announced the iPad in early 2010, some wondered what it was, or what use it would be. Was it a new type of laptop, or was it something completely different? It turned out to be the latter, and on the day it first became available in April that year, it sold 300,000 units. By May, that figure was up to 1,000,000. By June 2011 the figure was more like 25,000,000.

Now in its second incarnation as the iPad 2, the tablet has become indispensable to today’s mobile generation – and not just for playing games, sending emails or surfing the net. According to a recent IDG Connect survey, 51% of managers with iPads said they always used one at work, another 40% sometimes did and 79% of respondents added that they used an iPad for business outside the office.

A perfect example of iPad integration into the workplace can be seen in the way it has become an integral part of Rendezvous Workspace, the scheduling software from NFS Technology.

Rendezvous Workspace streamlines scheduling processes for rooms and resources, enabling the booking of meeting rooms, hoteling and hot desking, car parks, catering, video conferencing, telepresence and AV.

Now, with the new iPad-based Workspace Mobile solution it is possible for staff on the move to check and amend meeting schedule bookings and all attendant resources. The module is based around the intuitive iPad graphical user interface, making it much more flexible than a traditional laptop. With full integration to Outlook and Exchange, attendees and service staff are kept in the loop. Diary entries can be quickly viewed, amended and created with Workspace Mobile’s familiar touch screen.

Whether the user is on a train, in a coffee shop, or anywhere else on the move, communication with staff is just a tap of the screen away.

Workspace Mobile is half the price of comparable solutions which don’t offer full integration with Outlook and Exchange. Currently the solution is available only on the iPad and iPhone but will soon be launched for Android and Blackberry.

For more information or to arrange a demonstration please contact us on info@nfs-hospitality.com

Luis De Souza
Luis De Souza Chief Executive Officer Posted on: February 16, 2012
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