Ten Tips for Top Conferences

Running a conference is easy. Choose your subject, get some speakers together, find a venue, send out invitations and let the day take care of itself. That’s the way it might seem if you have been to a badly organised conference where boredom was the theme of the day.

The fact is that running a successful conference relies on meticulous planning, from venue choice to speakers, from travel details to the equipment needed, from catering to accommodation – all wrapped up in one neat, cost-effective package.

Here are ten take away tips for conference venue operators to pass on to clients organising events at their venues.

1. Think of a different way to present points. Make the environment attractive and distinctive. Give your delegates something to think about and take away with them.

2. Define your audience and design the programme to meet their needs. Canvas potential delegates and ask for suggestions about content.

3. Choose a convenient venue. Consider travelling arrangements, the nearest station, motorway proximity, ease of parking.

4. Start at a time convenient to those travelling long distances. Avoid school holidays.

5. Visit the venue in advance. Check its size, facilities for AV, wi-fi, broadband connection, accommodation and catering.

6. Ensure the venue is cost-effective. Don’t forget to include speakers’ fees in your costs. Consider sponsorship to offset expenses.

7. Give speakers plenty of time to prepare an effective presentation. Check that their presentation does not deviate from the conference theme.

8. Give delegates notice in advance with a mailshot. Detail the conference content, how to get to there, time of registration, what they need to bring. Ask about accommodation and dietary needs.

9. Arrive well before registration to check details and that all facilities are in place. Before the start, ensure each speaker has what he or she needs.

10. At the end of the conference, personally thank the speakers, the chairperson and, of course, the delegates for attending.

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Luis De Souza
Luis De Souza Chief Executive Officer Posted on: November 28, 2011
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