The Business Benefits of Rendezvous Scheduling Software

We Are Delighted to Announce the Latest in Our Series of Informative Webinars; The next Discussion Being:

Rendezvous Workspace vs. Outlook – Why Outlook Isn’t That Great a Scheduling Tool.

This webinar will highlight how Rendezvous Workspace significantly extends and enhances what is already being done in Outlook in terms of room and resource scheduling. Focusing on our latest offering, it will include a live demonstration of this flexible and powerful scheduling solution as well as its benefits over using Outlook alone for scheduling.

Rendezvous Workspace Works with Outlook in Various Ways, Including:

Full Integration with Outlook – no need to disrupt your email session or open multiple applications; simply launch Rendezvous Workspace directly from Outlook.
Ease of Use – The user interface is uncluttered, user-friendly and efficient. With “drag and drop” functionality, schedules can be changed quickly on the fly and without the need to rekey data.
Highly Configurable – Rendezvous Workspace is customized to your exact needs and business processes, and it integrates fully with several database platforms.
Portability – Simply use your laptop, smartphone, Blackberry or iPhone to do everything you can do in the office – book meeting rooms, hot-desks, catering and resources.
Seamless Automation – Save time by automating meeting reminders, change notifications, cancellation and service alerts.
Video-conference Scheduling – Schedule multi-timezone and multi-location video-conferences, and notifications will be sent automatically.
Smooth Integration – Rendezvous Workspace is flexible; whatever your choice of email platform, it delivers. It integrates as seamlessly with Lotus Notes as it does with Exchange server technologies.
Interoperability – With Rendezvous Workspace you are not tied to one browser. The system is interoperable and works perfectly with Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera.
To find out more about Rendezvous Workspace and to register to attend the free NFS webinar, visit today.

Luis De Souza
Luis De Souza Chief Executive Officer Posted on: March 30, 2010
United Kingdom USA South Africa Ireland Asia
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