Are You Putting Roommaster to Work in the Best Way for You?

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As a roomMaster user, you already know the way this exceptionally powerful package offers seamless handling of reservations, sales ledger, point of sale, commission-free internet bookings and more. But are you aware of some of the modules and add-ons that can make this solution even more powerful?

In this edition we are looking at how the sometimes complicated process of yield management can be automated and made simple for your reception staff. We are examining the way internet bookings can also be made simple and how they increase revenue. Bundling room rates with restaurant reservations is another way of making the most of opportunities, and that too can be easily handled without fuss. And finally we’re looking at how queues at reception areas are becoming a thing of the past, thanks to self-service check-in/check-out and the ability for the iPhone and Blackberry generation of hotel guests to book rooms remotely.

The roomMaster suite of hotel management software is a world-beating solution for all kinds and sizes of hotels. Are you putting it to work in the best way for you?

Yield Management: Automating and Adjusting Room Rates

The Need: Simply lowering rates to attract more customers rarely pays off in the long run. The key to achieving more revenue lies in the ability to change rates based on criteria such as occupancy levels and length of stay. Handling that manually is time-consuming, complicated and cumbersome.

The Solution: roomMaster has an integrated Yield Management and booking analysis module that does the work for you. Using the module, intelligent support is provided to make the right rate decisions, so that hoteliers are no longer reliant on the experience – or lack of experience – of reception staff to make complex pricing decisions.

It means staff are automatically alerted to the right rate to quote, based on factors such as length of stay or market segment, whilst more meaningful forecasts and recommendations are provided about when to raise or lower rates. Also, in the event of a run on rooms, the module can be set to increase rates on each room as a booking comes in.

As rates are changed at the hotel, they are automatically passed on to channel management systems, which update the prices in channels such as,, and a variety of GDS systems. When prices are changed in the hotel’s roomMaster software, they automatically change on the hotel’s web booking engine, maintaining rate parity automatically across all channels.

Online Bookings: Turning Browsers into Bookers

The Need: Every year, more people use the internet for bookings, instead of a travel agent or booking directly with a hotel. But for hotels keen to turn browsers into bookers, that means having more than just an attractive website. It means utilizing the latest hotel software to maximize sales and revenue.

The Solution: By embracing and iQ-Worldlink, integrated with roomMaster, hotels can optimise revenue from internet bookings. is a real-time Internet Booking Engine that allows travel agents and booking agents to log into roomMaster and make bookings 24/7, 365 days a year. At the same time, it gives the hotel total control over how many rooms are available, while automatically billing and charging deposits on credit cards without human intervention.

The link between roomMaster and GDS/channel management services is handled by iQ-WorldLink. The interface automates the import of reservations from the GDS/channel management company, uploading rates and availability, and using more than 1,200 popular internet travel sites.

Reservations booked via the website appear instantly in roomMaster. There is no re-keying in of data or need for third party software to manage the process, and since guests do not need to be emailed about availability or room rate enquiries, administrative costs and errors are reduced.

Point of Sale: Packaging F&b Items in the Room Rate

The Need: Independent hotels look for easy ways to offer guests food and beverages. One way to do this is to bundle room rates in with other services such as restaurants which are not being used to their full capacity every hour of every day. Doing so manually is complicated and time-consuming.

The Solution: iQ-POS is point of sale software which integrates with roomMaster to make the ideal solution to address these needs. By including some of the unused restaurant capacity in with the room rate, the hotel does not incur a great deal of incremental cost and is able to more fully use other parts of the hotel.

The iQ-Point of Sale system is designed for hotel restaurants, bars and spas. It works with touch screens, is fast and easy to learn and will fit into almost any environment. When running on a peer-to-peer network all that’s needed is a workstation running Windows 2000/XP Pro.

The system offers excellent security and control over cash transactions. It handles discounts, split billing, open items, gratuities/tips and happy hour functionality, with daily sales recorded directly in roomMaster

Using iQ-Schedule, integrated with roomMaster and iQ-Point of Sale, items such as spa treatments can also be billed to a guest’s folio, with tools like full guest history, which shows past and current appointments, as well as each guest’s preferences.

Mobile Solutions: Putting an End to Reception Bottlenecks

The Need: However efficient a hotel’s reception area, there will be times when it becomes a bottleneck. But the future of hotel booking and reception services is changing.

The Solution: The latest hotel software doesn’t just reduce the time guests wait to check in or out, it does away with the processes all together!

The new iQ-Kiosk, installed in the reception area of a hotel provides guests who want to avoid the queue at the front desk with an easy-to-use self-service check-in or check-out in under a minute. The iQ-Kiosk comes with credit card processing and a key card interface.

Neither is it necessary for guests to contact the hotel in person to make a booking. With installed, potential guests from the iPhone and Blackberry generation can access the hotel’s website using any smartphone/PDA to see a version of the software that has been automatically adapted to the small screen.

No configuration or special link is required for the software to work with a mobile device. Guests see rooms, rates, and room pictures, before booking a reservation and receiving confirmation, all from their mobile device.

What Our Customers Say About roomMaster

roomMaster is currently installed in more than 5,500 hotels across the world, whose sizes range from ten to more than 1,000 bedrooms. From reservations to sales ledger, point of sale to commission-free internet bookings, roomMaster is a fully integrated and exceptionally powerful package, all backed up by our 24/7 helpdesk.

Here’s what just a few roomMaster users have to say about the product.

Christine Major, Business Development Manager, Morgans Hotel, Swansea: “The ease with which roomMaster allows us to seamlessly export email addresses from reservations into our other systems is a great advantage. And that’s without the convenience of roomMaster’s housekeeping facilities – everything from telling housekeeping when rooms are vacant and ready for cleaning, to being able to log lost property found in rooms.”

Maggie McQuillan, Office Administrator, Glenmorangie Country House: “We provide meeting rooms, wi-fi connections, full catering and can arrange activities from golf to fly fishing. With so much to organise, we find it especially useful that roomMaster makes it so easy to book in everyone from a corporate event at the same time.”

Martin Simpson, joint Co-Director, Micasa Aparthotel, Aberdeen: “roomMaster is quick, efficient and accurate, with many applications and reports that help us run our business. It works very well in-house and for online bookings, saving time and hassle.”

Peter Farquhar,General Manager, Forbury Hotel, Reading: “I’ve managed a number of hotels over the past eight years, and have installed roomMaster in all of them. It serves its purpose completely, and yet is flexible enough to adapt to different and individual properties. It has always suited my needs perfectly.”

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