Business Breakthrough Event, London, 29th May 2014: NFS Technology release new affordable and flexible space booking solutions for the mobile generation.

The fast changing face of today’s workplace has created a need for much more flexible working, both in the office and remotely. NFS has answered those needs with the release of new affordable and flexible additions to the Rendezvous suite of software.

The Rendezvous scheduling software solution enables the booking of meeting rooms, hoteling and hot desking, car parks, catering, video conferencing, telepresence and AV. The new additions are aimed at the AV community, collaborative working and mobility in meeting planning.

For the AV worker, using Rendezvous as the booking system, new options are now available for use with the latest generation of low-cost Windows tablets, or the iPad. For those who require a dedicated room panel, the Evoku solution from Scandinavia provides a good looking, functional alternative.

Book MeetingsTwo significant announcements have also been made on the collaborative working front. The first provides seamless video conferencing integration, with TMS and other platforms. The second is a new Agenda Management Module.

Agenda Management enables the sharing of important documents about meetings to all participants, creating the opportunity to collaborate at the same time as booking valuable meeting room resources. It works for single room, multi-room and even across multiple time zone meetings.

Most organisations recognise that mobility is the way to profitability today. For them, there is now the opportunity to deliver all critical meeting information on a mobile platform. It means better service for all meeting needs from AV to technical support for video conferencing, along with the all important food and drink elements.

Together, this new software suite from NFS adds up to affordability, flexibility and the ability to respond to many more client requirements.

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