Stock Rostering.

Remember the last time your staff were run off their feet? Too many restaurants find they don’t arrange the optimum amount of labour. And that means when your guests arrive, there might be no-one to seat them, or they might be put off by uncleared tables. Once they do get a seat, they’re likely to

Stock Intelligent Data

Is your kitchen throwing your profits in the bin? Stock wastage is a huge problem in the industry. This is a typical situation: chef has got a good deal on a particular product, and devised a dish that should be popular with diners. But unexpectedly, it doesn’t seem to sell – although you’re not quite

Stock Enterprise Level

Restaurant stock control software

Are your variable costs under control right across your group? Keeping track of stock, cash and labour across multi-locations is hard. This scenario might look familiar: One of your restaurants is struggling with waste – its stock control is poor. Another is letting labour costs run too high – but a third is doing well

Stock Cash Visibility

Do you sometimes think your restaurant cash must be disappearing down a hole? It can be tricky to track cash, particularly across a group. Imagine this: your restaurants are busy, completing dozens or even hundreds of transactions a day both in and out of the business. It’s a nightmare to keep an accurate audit trail

Stock Automatic Ordering

Does your kitchen keep on running out of essentials? It shouldn’t happen – but it does. And when that happens, this is what comes next: hungry guests arrive and look at the menu, but when they make their choices, the serving staff have to come back and tell them their choices are not available. That’s

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