A streamlined
visitor experience

What do visitors think when they arrive at your organisation? We hope it doesn’t go like this: arriving at reception, your visitor stands around for a while before anyone turns up to greet them. The receptionist has to rifle through several visitor books to find out where the meeting is being held, and asks the

Enhanced VC booking
with meeting room software

It’s so tiring to be on the road all the time And it’s also expensive. So when you finally got through the traffic to your meeting this morning, you were not only late, but frustrated. It’s no way to run a meeting. Video conferencing technology is a fantastic solution, bringing your team effortlessly together no

Efficient booking of rooms, desk & workspace

Imagine this busy working day: You arrive at your flexible workplace, but you can’t find a free desk to work at. Some meeting rooms are empty – but the signage outside says they are booked. You waste 15 valuable minutes looking for a suitable place to work. Rendezvous room and desk booking software changes all

Maximised space utilisation

Is this your workspace management headache? Every square foot of your workspace is costing a fortune, every day – and you know that sometimes desks are standing empty. Even worse, you’ve got a boardroom that only gets used once a month, and staff tell you that organising a suitable meeting room is so complicated that

An easy meeting room booking process

Are your staff working in silos today? They’re not alone. Many organisations have grown their technology organically over a long period – and none of their systems actually communicate. Did your workers come in this morning only to be frustrated by logging in and out of different systems that don’t talk to each other? If

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